How To Get Involved

Denver City Council’s goal is to make redistricting an inclusive, transparent, accessible, and meaningful process.
There are a number of ways you and your community can get involved:

Define Your Denver 

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Participate in City Council's mapping drive! Visit to map out what you consider your community of interest to be. City Council will use the information submitted by Denver residents to help determine where district boundary lines should be drawn.  

Draw Your Own Council District Map

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Once the U.S. Census data has been released at the end of September, Denver City Council will be utilizing Maptitude software to draw its council districts. The public portal will allow you to submit your own council district maps. 

Submit Public Comment on Proposed Maps

In February 2022, visit our website to see proposed maps with new council district boundaries, and let us know your thoughts. You can submit comments by emailing

Attend a Public Meeting

City Council will host public meetings prior to the U.S. Census data release, after the data release, and once preliminary maps have been drawn. Dates and times will be released soon.

These events are an opportunity for you to let your council members know how you define your community, where you think lines should be drawn, and how you feel about your neighborhood.

Host a Community Meeting

Meeting in a Box

Do you want to host a community meeting to map your community on Representable or draw a district map on Maptitude? Email City Council for our digital Meeting in a Box which will guide you through a series of questions and provide a tutorial on how to use the software.

Request a demonstration

Let us know if you would like a demonstration on how to use Representable or Maptitude and a member of our staff will be available to answer questions for your next community meeting.