Specialized Foster Care

We are always in need of individuals and families for certain types of specialized foster care. In most instances, these foster parents have specialized training to support children with high needs. You can be the person who provides them with a stable home where they are cared for, healed from past trauma, and supported along their journey.

If you have training in education, social work, medicine, or counseling, therapeutic foster care could be the right fit for you. Therapeutic foster care combines a nurturing family environment with active therapy and treatment to support children with emotional, behavioral, and medical issues. 

“Medically fragile” describes children with medical complexities who have multiple, significant, chronic health problems. These foster care providers must have the educational background and/or experience to care for various medical issues.

The CHRP waiver provides residential services for children and youth in foster care who have a developmental disability and very high needs. Common diagnoses covered by CHRP include autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disability, PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, and bi-polar disorder. 

Unaccompanied refugee minors are foreign-born children (under age 18) who flee their country of origin because of fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. These children, who are without lawful immigration status, parents, or legal guardians in the U.S., are under the custody or legal guardianship of Denver Human Services. We are looking for foster parents to help these youth acclimate to life in the U.S., maintain the connection to their culture, work on developing life skills, get through schooling, and navigate and successfully prepare for adulthood in the U.S.