Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)


A group of staff from Saint Francis Center Employment Services pose for a photo on a staircaseThe Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is a federal funding allocation from the United States Department of Health and Human Services. These funds are distributed to states and then administered by local entities including the City and County of Denver. CSBG funding supports projects that reduce poverty, revitalize low-income communities, and empower people with low incomes.

2022 City and County of Denver CSBG Partners

These community partners run CSBG-funded programs within the prioritized areas of employment, food access, linkages, and services supporting multiple domains:

Resources for Current CSBG Grantees

A Sun Valley Kitchen and Community Center staff member poses for a photo with several bunches of asparagus We are in process of building this area to include relevant tools and resources for current CSBG partners. Please browse the resources section and stay tuned for additional content to be posted in early 2023.

More Information / Future Funding Opportunities 

A Colorado Coalition for the Homeless staff member does an intake with a new Community Service Block Grant participant We have selected our subgrantees for the current funding cycle of CSBG funding (2021-2023). The next opportunity to apply for CSBG funding through Denver Human Services will take place in fall 2023. 

Grant Funding Priorities

CSBG funding can be used for anti-poverty work in any of the nine priority areas listed below. Every three years, Denver Human Services conducts a Community Needs Assessment to determine top priorities for the next funding cycle.

There are nine federal CSBG categories:

  1. Employment*
  2. Education and Cognitive Development
  3. Income, Infrastructure and Asset Building
  4. Housing*
  5. Health and Social/Behavioral Development (Nutrition / Food Access)*
  6. Civic Engagement and Community Involvement
  7. Services Supporting Multiple Domains*
  8. Linkages*
  9. Other (Emergency Management/Disaster Relief)

*The bold-faced and starred categories listed above are the current CSBG priorities in Denver.

The next Community Needs Assessment will take place in 2023.

Grant and Subgrantee Requirements

Here are some of the key requirements for CSBG subgrantees:

  • Client income verification is required. Some exceptions can be made for programs where collecting income verification documentation is impossible or impractical, such as some food access programs.
  • CSBG funds serve individuals and families who have a household income that falls below 125% of the Federal Poverty Level. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this income qualification level was raised to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Subgrantees must serve residents of the City and County of Denver. Individuals and families are eligible regardless of immigration status.
  • Subgrantees are required to set specific goals and outcomes, track and report progress, and maintain client files documenting eligibility determinations and services provided with CSBG funds.
  • Subgrantees are required to track demographic data of the clients they serve.
  • Subgrantees are required to develop and maintain a Language Access Plan in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.


Next CSBG Funding Cycle Timeline:

  • Community Needs Assessment: February-August 2023
  • Request for Proposals Opened for 2024-2026 funding cycle: Fall 2023, exact timeline to be determined.
  • New funding cycle subcontracts begin: January 2024

We will share more detailed information as it becomes available in 2023.

Application Process

The application for CSBG subawards through Denver Human Services will take place through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. We will share more details about this process in 2023.