Community partnerships are vital to our work. Through grants and other partnership opportunities, we collaborate with individuals, businesses, organizations, and other agencies to better serve the people of Denver.

What You Need To Know

Our grants management team is responsible for the life cycle of grants used to support our programs. This includes compliance with city policies and procedures, expanding partnerships with community-based organizations and working with program staff to identify their needs.

Our grants management team also assists child care providers who are currently part of the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) or who would like to sign up to provide care for low-income clients. 

However you team with us, we appreciate your partnership in serving the people of Denver. Together, we've got this! 

What grant programs do you administer?

Some of the grant programs we administer include:

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program: This grant assists unaccompanied refugee minors develop appropriate skills for entering adulthood and to achieve social self-sufficiency. Funded by a federal passthrough grant distributed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Child Welfare Prevention Expansion: This private foundation grant, from ZOMA Foundation, is administered in coordination with DHS's Colorado Community Response (CCR) grant. Both grants fund prevention supports and services to families at-risk for involvement in the child welfare system.

Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF): This time-limited federal pass-through program supports reunification and strengthens families through individualized family service plans.

McPherson Family Foundation: McPherson Family Foundation is a private grant that supports the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program. This grant funds a time limited Chafee Social Caseworker position.

Denver Parent Advocates Lending Support Grant: This private foundation grant from the Colorado Health Foundation provides funding from DPALS, a peer mentoring and navigation services program for adult parents in recovery with open Child Welfare involvement.

Colorado Community Response (CCR): Colorado Community Response is a state grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Early Childhood. The program provides supports to families to aid in the prevention of child maltreatment.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG): This federal pass-through grant, from the United States Health and Human Services to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, funds programs designed to reduce the effects of poverty. Every three years the DHS CSBG Advisory Board conducts a Community Needs Assessment to determine program priorities. Current DHS sub-recipients, are administering programs to reduce barriers to employment for individuals living at or below 125% of poverty.

Community Services Block Grant Cares Act: This federal pass-through grant from the United States Health and Human Services to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, was allocated in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to reduce the effects of poverty. Funds will be utilized to reduce barriers to employment, increase food access and provide additional resources for rental and eviction assistance.

Veterans Assistance Program: This program helps homeless and at-risk veterans with motel vouchers, transportation, and cell phone assistance to promote stabilization. Funded by a grant from the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

What current grant and contracting opportunities do you have?

Take a look at all of our contracts open for bidding.

What if I have questions about a current opportunity?

The bid opportunity, which is usually detailed in a Request for Application or Request for Proposal, will include instructions about who to contact with questions. Please direct your questions to that person and pay special attention to any deadlines or instructions that are provided.

How can I become a provider with the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program?

Becoming a provider is normally based on referrals, which is when an existing client would like to use a specific facility for child care.

For existing partners

How do I know if my invoice was received?

A contract compliance technician will reply to the email the invoice was attached to, and respond with “Received.” Send all invoices to

What do I do if I haven't received a payment?

Contact your contract compliance technician or, if your technician is out of the office, contact your compliance coordinator.