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CARE: Community, Advocacy, Resources and Education

The 'CARE' in CARE Program stands for community, advocacy, resources and education. In partnership with local organizations, CARE is all about strengthening families and communities. It happens through personal support, mentorship and empowerment. Learn more about our support programs by exploring the sections below.

Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is a mentoring initiative for Denver youth ages 14-24 and their families. YEP promotes constructive community engagement and personal growth. Through supportive, youth-driven workshops and group coaching sessions, we support young people with:

  • Building networks of support
  • Knowing how to look for good role models
  • Developing skills to help them navigate their late teens and early adult years.

Participation is voluntary and free.

Download the Youth Empowerment Program flyer(PDF, 928KB)

Want to learn more or participate? Reach out to Kevin Lwango at

Denver Parent Advocates Lending Support (DPALS)

DPALS supports families who have an open case with the Denver Human Services Child Welfare Division. We connect families with parent partners to help them navigate the child welfare system. Parent partners play a neutral, but supportive role in helping families to successfully move through the process. This helps create safe, stable, and nurturing environments for their children.

Through peer-to-peer support, participating families receive:

  • Encouragement
  • Navigation assistance
  • Referrals to other services and resources

Upcoming Workshops

Our 2023-24 training schedules have changed! Please carefully review the new dates by downloading our updated flyers in the tabs below.

Our DPALS team leads several workshops and trainings throughout the year:

Strengthening Families: Protective Factors Training

Protective factors are the strengths and resources families can draw on when life gets difficult. These evidence-based trainings are for parents, kinship providers, prevention and foster care providers, and community partners. During this training, you will learn about:

  • Ways to help families build protective factors
  • Tools to use protective factors in your work
  • Protective factors to strengthen families
  • Using protective factors in parenting

Download the flyer (including event dates) at the link below:

Protective Factors Training flyer (English / Spanish / Vietnamese)(PDF, 838KB)

To register, or for more information, email or call/text Francisco at 720-810-5025

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Workshop

WRAP is an evidence-based wellness program for anyone interested in improving their health and well-being. Topics include:

  • Developing a Wellness Toolbox
  • How to develop a daily plan for keeping yourself well
  • Creating action plans for when things aren't going your way, you're starting to feel unwell, or need extra support
  • Making plans for what to do in a crisis

Download the flyer (including event dates) at the link below:

WRAP Workshop Flyer (English / Spanish / Vietnamese)(PDF, 937KB)

To register, or for more information, email or call/text Francisco at 720-810-5025


Frequently Asked Questions

How will my DPALS parent partner support me?

DPALS parent partners support families by:

  • Helping them navigate through the child welfare system
  • Promoting birth parents’ involvement in case planning activities
  • Maintaining connections between parents and children
  • Assisting in the goal of reunification, and/or the planning for appropriate alternatives
  • Joining families at court hearings, treatment, recovery, meetings, and other gatherings
  • Facilitating trainings
  • Connecting families with resources through Denver Human Services, as well as other community agencies

Who are the parent partners?

The DPALS team has two full-time, paid parent partners.

These parent partners have “been there." In other words, they have done the hard work to change their lives and strengthen their families. Drawing on their own experiences, they support, encourage, and advocate for parents who are working to make changes to meet their children’s needs.

I am a DPALS alumni. How can I volunteer?

If you have been through the DPALS program and want to give back, you can take part in our volunteer service program - called DPALS Alumni. DPALS Alumni meet with DHS staff every month. During these meetings, DPALS Alumni provide feedback about how to make the DPALS program work better and run more smoothly.

Do you want to take part? Call 720-810-5025 or email

I want to be a volunteer parent partner. How can I volunteer?

DPALS is always looking for parents who can offer peer-to-peer support to families who are new to the child welfare system. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering as a parent partner, call 720-810-5025 or email


Get Started

If you would like to request a DPALS parent partner, call 720-810-5025 or email


Fatherhood Program

Title text: Meet the Team. Photo: Matthew Mitchell smiles for a photo on a couch with his sons. Text: Why are you passionate about working with dads? I am passionate about working with dads because as a single father I know that sometimes it really helps to have a little bit of extra support. I want to be that person for a father who doesn't have the support he needs." - Matthew Mitchell

Hey Dads! Knowing what to expect and where to get help makes being a dad easier. We have important tools to carry you through your fatherhood journey. Through the Nurturing Dads and Partners workshop, we can help you:

  • Grow your parenting knowledge to be more active in your child's life
  • Strengthen your relationship with your child's other parent or caregiver
  • Advance your career or get a new job
  • Work with programs like Child Support Services and access services to address challenges you're facing
  • Develop a healthy network of family and friends who can lend a hand when you need it
  • Form friendships with other dads

Nurturing Dads and Partners

It's a proven fact: children that have a father involved in their lives tend to do better in school, are more emotionally secure, and develop better social connections.

The Nurturing Dads and Partners class is an evidence-based, 11-session program for developing attitudes and skills for male nurturance. Participants will learn:

  • The secrets to creating safe and loving, stable families
  • Positive discipline tools taught through a unique, father-friendly method for successful child behavior management
  • Effective family communication techniques to strengthen father-child and father-mother relationships
  • How to achieve cooperation and teamwork in family life

The Nurturing Fathers class is held online via Microsoft Teams and is also available in Spanish.

Sign Up for Nurturing Fathers

To sign up for our next Nurturing Dads and Partners workshop, call (720) 944-1323 or email

Sign up for our Fatherhood Program!

Fill out our DHS Fatherhood Program interest form below to get started. If you're from outside of the Denver metro area, download the Colorado Fatherhood program flyer(PDF, 1MB) to learn more about similar programs across the state.

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Parenthood Program

Our Parenthood program is here to support parents with meeting their obligation and problem solving. The program is free, and is open to everyone. You may find it more helpful if you are involved with our Child Welfare or Child Support programs, or in need of other supportive services. However, you don't have to be an existing Denver Human Services customer to take part.
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Family Law Open Forums: Free Legal Clinics!

Family Law Open Forums are free legal clinics that are open to the public. During these monthly, online forums, we'll cover the why and how of going to court. We'll also offer tips on how you can get things done right, and done legally! Visit the event page to learn more:

Family Law Open Forum Event Page

Parenting Classes (Protective Factors)

Through our parenting classes, we offer free information, classes, and support groups. These address parenthood-related topics for all genders, including:

  • Managing anger and resolving conflict

  • Discipline without violence

  • Teamwork with spouse/partner

  • Balancing work and fathering

  • Communication and problem-solving

  • Free monthly legal clinics

  • Supervised visitation and parenting plan help

Sign Up for Parenting Classes

To sign up for our next Parenting class, call (720) 944-1323 or email



Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Parenthood program help me?

The Parenthood team is here to support you. We can get you connected to these resources:
  • Employment
  • Child Support
  • Child Support modifications
  • Family Law Open Forums
  • Housing
  • Mental health resources and referrals
  • Parenting classes
  • Support groups
  • Other individual assistance services

I'm paying child support. Why should I be interested in this program?

Ultimately, it's about ensuring a better life for your children. If you're a father, you should know that children that have their father involved in their lives tend to do better in school, are more emotionally secure, and develop better social connections.

Being an engaged, supportive parent starts with addressing issues in your life that may otherwise prevent it. If you're responsible for paying child support, we can help you connect to resources and gain problem-solving skills so you can meet your obligations.

Through the program, you'll learn more about:

  • Employment assistance
  • Child support order modification
  • Housing and food assistance
  • Help with child support driver license suspension and other nonpayment consequences
  • Procedural (not legal) advice with court and legal proceedings
  • Other individual assistance services