Immigrant and Refugee Resources

Denver Heart Immigrants

Denver is enriched by the talents, culture, contributions, and assets of all of its residents, including more than 110,000 foreign-born people. The Denver Safety Priorities Enforcement Act signed into law in 2017, established that each city agency designate a liaison to serve our Immigrant and Refugee community. At Denver Human Services we strive to fulfill our mission in helping all people in need. Together with our city leadership, local elected officials, and all city agencies, we stand in solidarity to ensure Denver remains a welcoming city. 

If I am undocumented and apply for public assistance through Denver Human Services will this impact my immigration status?

Our caseworkers are trained and ready to assist you. Our team will be able to identify which resources you are eligible for based on your current immigration status.

If I do not have lawful status but my children do, are they eligible for benefits?

We understand there are families with mixed status households. If you do not have lawful presence, it is possible that a family member in your household can still qualify for vital resources.

Will the use of public benefits disqualify me from obtaining citizenship?

Immigration laws in the United States are very complex. It is always best to consult with a trusted immigration lawyer who can review your specific situation. 

What if I need to access emergency services such as a Denver Human Service Mobile Food Bank?

Our Mobile food banks are available to all Denver residents. Lawful status is not a criteria for eligibility. Our staff and volunteers will never ask for proof of citizenship to obtain emergency food assistance at our mobile food pantries.


We're here to support you.

From housing and healthy food to child support and medical assistance — no matter your need, our team is here to help you be supported. Visit Colorado PEAK to start your benefits application today. If you have questions, give us a call at 720-944-4DHS (4347). Together, we've got this!