Fatherhood and Parenthood Program

Our Parenthood/Fatherhood Program empowers men and women to grow as parents, as we support them to be the role models they want to be to their children.

The program helps parents gain the skills and support they need to “be there” for their children, both financially and otherwise.


What You Need To Know

Who is the Parenthood and Fatherhood Program for?

Our program is free and open to everyone.

You may find it particularly helpful if you're already involved with our Child Welfare or Child Support programs, or if you are in need of other supportive services. But being an existing Denver Human Services customer is not a requirement.

I'm paying child support. Why should I be interested in this program?

Ultimately, it's about ensuring a better life for your children. If you're a father, you should know that children that have their father involved in their lives tend to do better in school, are more emotionally secure, and develop better social connections.

Being an engaged, supportive parent starts with addressing issues in your life that may otherwise prevent it. If you're responsible for paying child support, we can help you connect to resources and gain problem-solving skills so you can meet your obligations.

Through the program, you'll learn more about:

  • Employment assistance
  • Child support order modification
  • Housing and food assistance
  • Help with child support driver license suspension and other nonpayment consequences
  • Guidance with court and legal proceedings
  • Other individual assistance services

How can I be better connected as a father/parent?

We offer free information, classes, and support groups that address a variety of parenthood-related topics for both men and women:

  • Managing anger and resolving conflict
  • Discipline without violence
  • Teamwork with spouse/partner
  • Balancing work and fathering
  • Communication and problem-solving
  • Free monthly legal clinics
  • Supervised visitation and parenting plan help

What is the Nurturing Fathers class?

It's a proven fact: children that have a father involved in their lives tend to do better in school, are more emotionally secure, and develop better social connections.

The Nurturing Fathers class is an evidence-based, 11-session program for developing attitudes and skills for male nurturance. Participants will learn:

  • The secrets to creating safe and loving, stable families
  • Positive discipline tools taught through a unique, father-friendly method for successful child behavior management
  • Effective family communication techniques to strengthen father-child and father-mother relationships
  • How to achieve cooperation and teamwork in family life

The Nurturing Fathers class is held online via Microsoft Teams and is also available in Spanish.

What is the Nurturing Parenting class?

Nurturing Parenting is a free, 16-week class that focuses on relationship building and creative parenting methods.

Upon completion of the class, you'll also receive a certificate and a gift card.



Get Started

To learn more about the Parenthood and Fatherhood Program, call us at 720-944-1323 or email DHSFatherhood@denvergov.org.