Job Resources (SNAP to Success / Job Training)

We're here to support you! On this page, you can find links to job resources in the City and County of Denver. You can also learn about SNAP to Success.

Snap to Success

SNAP to Success (formerly Employment First) is our employment and job training assistance program. Our SNAP to Success team one-on-one support to help you:

  • Explore career interests and industries
  • Access education and training opportunities (G.E.D., technical programs, college courses, etc.)
  • Develop a resume and interviewing skills
  • Connect with employers and apply for a new job
  • Find funding for training or job-related costs

Do I qualify for SNAP to Success?

You qualify for SNAP to Success if:

How do I get started with SNAP to Success?

Fill out our SNAP to Success interest form to connect with our SNAP to Success team:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for SNAP to Success’ services?

SNAP to Success offer services to all adult Denver food assistance (SNAP) recipients as well as SNAP applicants. SNAP recipients who are located in other counties are eligible to work with the SNAP Employment & Training Program within their county.

I don't qualify for SNAP. How can I get help?

The SNAP to Success program is for people who receive food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). If you get SNAP benefits, you will be assigned an SNAP to Success caseworker to help you find the tools and supports to reach your goals, including work experience support, job search tips, help with your resume, interview practice, help completing your GED, and monthly job search support activities.

If you do not qualify for SNAP benefits, reach out to the Office of Economic Development and Opportunity for resources and programs that may be available to you to help you reach your goals.

What kinds of jobs can you help me find?

We work with employers in a variety of different industries, including:

  • Food service
  • Maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Health care
  • Construction

New employers attend our job fairs every month. If you’re interested in a specific field or industry, our teams can help you locate opportunities.

I am a college student. Do I qualify for your services?

Denver residents who are also college students and receive or qualify for food assistance (SNAP) are eligible for SNAP to Success’ services.

Visit our College and University Student Resources page for more information about the benefits and services available to students in higher education.

College Student Resources

I don't live in Denver County. Can I still qualify for SNAP to Success?

SNAP Employment & Training programs (SNAP to Success/Employment First) are available in other counties in Colorado! Find more information regardingColorado’s Employment First Programs.

I need help with training fees, tools, interview clothing or other supportive services. What supportive services does SNAP to Success offer?

We can help with a lot more than just finding a job. Here are some of the more common supportive services we can help with:

  • Automotive repairs
  • Background check/licensing fees
  • Transportation assistance
  • Clothing for job interviews or work
  • Course registration fees (CNA, CDL, etc.)
  • Tools/equipment for work
  • GED class/testing fees
  • English Language Learning (ESL) courses

Can you help me get my GED?

Yes, our SNAP to Success team can assist you with completing your GED or getting your high school diploma.

I’m not interested in looking for work at the moment but am interested in training, how can you assist me?

SNAP to Success can absolutely assist those who are interested in training only. We offer career coaching, interest assessments, training navigation, case management and supportive services for those who are pursuing training.


Can you help me with my resume and interviewing?

Yes. Our SNAP to Success team can assist you with identifying your skills and interests, putting together a resume, identifying jobs that you’re interested in, and polishing your interviewing skills.