DOF to Issue Final Funds for Elevate Denver, RISE Denver GO Bonds

Published on April 01, 2024

Programs on track to produce significant economic output across city, state, and region  

DENVER-- Today, the Denver Department of Finance (DOF) will move forward in issuing final funds for the Elevate Denver and RISE Denver General Obligation (GO) Bond Programs, following unanimous approval from city council. Together, the remaining $268.9 million will support 34 projects across the city.

Approved by voters in 2017, the $937.4M Elevate Denver GO Bond Program is delivering nearly 500 projects across Denver, including libraries, public facilities, cultural facilities, and programs in support of parks and recreation, transportation and mobility, public safety, and Denver Health. The city has previously issued $808.2 million under this multi-year bond program.

RISE Denver was approved by voters in 2021 to stimulate the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic. The $260 million RISE program supports more than 80 projects across Denver, focusing on housing and shelter, Denver facilities, parks and recreation, and transportation. The city has previously issued $120.3 million under this bond program.

Projects under both bond programs are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2027.

“I am humbled to contribute to advancing our city’s physical and social infrastructure,” said Mayor Mike Johnston. “The Elevate Denver and RISE Denver GO Bond Programs are forging ahead, and the growth we are creating together now will provide far-reaching and generational benefits to residents and visitors for years to come.”

“People want to see continued investment in their neighborhoods, and I am proud to say the city has been successful in delivering these funds and projects as promised,” said Denver’s Chief Financial Officer Nicole Doheny. “We are committed to this work on behalf of Denver residents and will continue to seek opportunities to strengthen the impact of this funding.”

Elevate Denver Sixth and Final Issuance - $129.2M

The majority of these funds approved today will support major transportation, public safety, library and parks and recreation projects across the city, including Colfax Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT), Denver Fire Station 40, and the Westwood Recreation Center.

Other dollars will be leveraged to improve streets, bridges and underpasses, parks, and three libraries.

RISE Denver Second and Final Issuance – $139.7M

These funds approved today will support a variety of transportation, Denver facilities and parks and recreation projects across the city, including construction of the Globeville Branch Library, renovation of the May Bonfils Stanton Theater at the Loretto Heights Campus, expansion of the Hampden Branch Library, construction of two park maintenance facilities, and a partial development of the 5280 Trail.

Other projects include neighborhood transportation safety and pedestrian improvements, bike infrastructure, and park improvements.

The most up-to-date information on both programs can be accessed through the GO Bond Dashboard. This includes the city’s new project mapping tool, which shows all bond projects across the city, with filters by bond program, council district, project phase, and purpose. Both tools can be found at and


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