About Peak Academy

Mission Statement to do more with less and enhance the city experience
Vision changing the way government operates to improve your experience
Motto Innovate. Elevate. Repeat.

Our Core Values

Place Team Over Self. Always.

How we live it:

  • Jump in and help out regardless of the task.
  • Share your talent and knowledge openly.
  • Show humility with self and others, don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Celebrate successes with "we" instead of "I."

Learn. Activate. Repeat.

How we live it:

  • Continuously infuse Peak content with new information, ideologies, methods, concepts, and tools.
  • Customize information for customers based on the challenges they're facing.
  • Embrace the power of the pilot.
  • Foster a love of learning and a growth mindset in yourself and others.

Be Steadfast in your Grit and Gumption.

How we live it:

  • Focus on what can work.
  • Be confident in your abilities and tenacious in your efforts.
  • Practice resourcefulness and adaptability.
  • Show bravery and courage in the face of challenge.

Drive Connection Through Authenticity.

How we live it:

  • Celebrate every person's passions and quirks.
  • Address conflict directly and in-person even when it's hard.
  • Show vulnerability by recognizing and owning your faults.
  • Move toward compassion and away from judgment through learning the stories of others.

Promote Transparency in Process and Progress.

How we live it:

  • Set clear, data-driven goals and expectations.
  • Admit mistakes.
  • Communicate the good and the bad.
  • Ask for feedback to clearly and honestly document processes.

Create an Environment Where Change Can Thrive.

How we live it:

  • Celebrate each person's value and learn something from every customer.
  • Champion diversity; recognize that good ideas don't discriminate.
  • Embrace failure with a light heart and open mind, make it safe to change.
  • Give patience and generosity to perspectives different from your own.

Ignite and Sustain the Flame in Others.

How we live it:

  • Express gratitude for the work and accomplishments of others.
  • Treat everyone like a dear friend.
  • Find the good in everyone, then leverage and amplify that good.
  • Identify and maximize the potential of our customers.

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PEAK Metrics

PEAK Process

The PEAK Team


Nathaniel Bradley III

Nate-New-Photo.jpg Nathaniel is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with Denver Peak Academy.

Nathaniel first joined the Peak Team as in intern in 2017 helping the team develop content for Black Belt and co-facilitating trainings. He also spent time as an intern at the City of Miami's Strategic Planning Office assisting with projects for the three-year strategic plan and the Miami Innovation Academy

Since joining the Peak Team full-time in 2018, he has played a major role in training coordination and facilitating a variety of projects including: Assisting with curbside book pickup with DPL, curbside ballot pickup with Elections, Reorganizing the EXL Shared Drive, several improvements with OHR, and assisting CAO with beginning their Wage Theft Enforcement program.

Nathaniel grew up in Aurora, Colorado, and received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL), majoring in English with a minor in Public Relations.

Drew Brown

Drew Brown Drew Brown is a Continuous Improvement Supervisor with Denver Peak Academy.

Drew comes to Peak with a background in sustainability and a business degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He specializes in helping employees build trust on their teams, and facilitating departmental strategic planning and goal setting. His belief is that everyone’s voice matters and he strives to create opportunities for individuals to express their ideas and find productive ways to implement them.

In college, Drew was a Division 1 athlete and received Academic and Athletic All-American honors, and he competed in the 2008 Olympic Trials. He grew up in Aurora, CO and currently lives in Denver with his amazing wife Megan and his cat and dog, Loki and Remus. 

AJ Cannady

Ajanae Photo (2).jpg AJ is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with Denver Peak Academy.

AJ developed a passion to make local government operate better through her contract and procurement work for the City and County of Denver and the State of Colorado. In those roles, she worked closely with internal programs and agencies as well as external partners to ensure continuity of goods and services necessary to keep operations flowing, exposing her to all the opportunities for improvement within government. As a Denver native, AJ is super excited to help elevate the city where she works and lives to make Denver even more enjoyable for other workers, residents and visitors. When not at work, AJ finds joy in good food, traveling, fun activities and spending time with family & friends.

AJ holds a bachelor’s degree From Colorado State University - Pueblo in Business Administration with a major in Management.


Katie McCune

Katie McCune Katie is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with Denver Peak Academy.

Katie has spent the entirety of her career doing mission-driven work which has included non-profit consulting, healthcare, and higher education sectors. In her previous positions, she often found herself leading her work teams in creating more efficient and effective processes. Having grown up in the Denver area, she is especially excited to apply these skills helping Denver be the best city in the nation. In particular, she is energized by the empowering transformation people experience as they identify actionable items to improve their work. When not at work, Katie enjoys traveling, being an active Coloradan and spending time with her husband, kids, and pup.

Katie holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and Brown University, respectively.


Benjamin Purificacion

Benjamin Photo Cropped.jpg Benjamin is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with Denver Peak Academy.                                                                         

Benjamin joined PEAK after working at Denver’s 311 for over three years. His time at 311 enabled him to experience and work with a broad range of agencies and projects, as well as fostered an interest in local government. Prior to 311, having come from a customer service background, he developed a passion for identifying pain points in work processes and creating solutions. He now specializes in locating those process improvements, developing solutions, and putting them into action.

Benjamin was born and raised in Queens, New York and received his Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies. When not working, Benjamin enjoys spending time with his dog, Dutch, four chickens, and playing board games. 

Kayleigh Vocca

Kayleigh-LinkedIn.jpg Kayleigh is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with the Denver PEAK Academy.

Her previous positions were based in local government where she focused on community outreach and strategic management to improve organizational structures, expand operational capacity, and promote good governance. Kayleigh is passionate about process improvement and empowering people to break down governmental barriers, and she is excited to help further the work of her fellow PEAK team. She believes that by better defining missions, relationships, and results, there can be an improvement in creating successful outcomes for organizational and program performance.

Kayleigh was born and raised in Massachusetts and holds a B.A. in Educational Policy and a Master of Public Policy and Administration from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Isheia Williams

Isheia Photo Cropped.png Isheia is a Management Analyst with Denver Peak Academy
 In 2019 she joined the Department of Finance and worked alongside the Budget and Management team doing administrative accounting task and Budget book coordination. Prior to this she worked for the Illinois Child support division as a Finance analyst assistant. She loves to see meaningful change when work becomes challenging for people. Her specialty is building positive relationships, improving collaborations, and establishing a healthy cost friendly work environment.

Megan Williams

Megan Photo.jpg Megan is the Director of Denver Peak Academy.

Megan was first introduced to Peak Academy in 2014 when she took the Black Belt training as the Community Relations Manager for the Town of Frederick. During her nine years in Frederick, Megan created the town’s community outreach programs and department while also empowering staff internally to improve processes and enjoy coming to work every day. Megan is beyond excited to be working where she lives, helping the people that serve her community reach all their wildly important goals. When not at work, Megan makes up songs with her daughter Leona, attends Rockies games with her husband Zach, and gives belly rubs to her big dog, Blue. It is a dream come true for Megan to be leading the PEAK team as they continue to transform government.

Megan holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism Studies and English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Denver.