City Budget

The Mayor's 2024 Budget

Mayor Mike Johnston's 2024 Budget(PDF, 17MB)  responds to the need for a city that is affordable, safe, sustainable, and vibrant for everyone. The budget focuses on five top priorities: affordable Denver, safe neighborhoods, a vibrant and revitalized downtown, a greener Denver, and housing for all.

“Every budget is a moral document, it is an affirmation of our values and a roadmap to deliver a city that lives up to its greatest potential,” said Mayor Johnston in his letter to City Council, city employees, and residents of Denver. “In my first budget as your Mayor, we are positioning our city to respond quickly and decisively to our toughest challenges and take advantage of our greatest opportunities. I deeply believe the challenges we face as a city are solvable, and we will be the ones to solve them.”

Read the Mayor's September 2024 budget announcement(PDF, 151KB)

The 2024 Budget unanimously passed City Council on Monday, November 13, 2023. 

2024 Budget Versions