About Peak


Our History

In 2011, Mayor Michael B. Hancock created the Peak Academy program to increase taxpayers’ return on their investment in city government. The program was designed to provide frontline employees with the tools to make data driven decisions and improve their own work. Since its inception, Peak Performance has grown to become a respected leader for its approach to innovation in government. The city of Denver has saved over $74 million through efforts by individuals and agencies that have engaged with the Peak program. 

Our Offerings

Denver Peak Performance guides process improvement through several Project Support Services and Denver Peak Academy trainings

Our Mission

Through coaching, training and project facilitation, Peak Academy inspires and empowers City and County of Denver staff at all levels to continuously improve service delivery for our community.

Our Vision

A community of innovators leverage data to drive equitable outcomes where all people thrive.

Our Core Values

  • Place Team Over Self. Always.
  • Learn. Activate. Repeat.
  • Be Steadfast in your Grit and Gumption.
  • Drive Connection Through Authenticity.
  • Promote Transparency in Process and Progress.
  • Create an Environment Where Change Can Thrive.
  • ignite and Sustain the Flame in Others.

See How we Live These Core Values(PDF, 87KB)

Check out the 2022-2023 Peak Strategic Plan(PDF, 4MB)

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The PEAK Team


Nathaniel Bradley III

Nate-Headshot.png Nathaniel is a Continuous Improvement Senior with Denver Peak Academy.

Nathaniel first joined the Peak Team as in intern in 2017 helping the team develop content for Black Belt and co-facilitating trainings. He also spent time as an intern at the City of Miami's Strategic Planning Office assisting with projects for the three-year strategic plan and the Miami Innovation Academy

Since joining the Peak Team full-time in 2018, he has played a major role in training coordination and facilitating a variety of projects including: Assisting with curbside book pickup with DPL, curbside ballot pickup with Elections, Reorganizing the EXL Shared Drive, several improvements with OHR, and assisting CAO with beginning their Wage Theft Enforcement program.

Nathaniel grew up in Aurora, Colorado, and received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL), majoring in English with a minor in Public Relations.

Drew Brown

Drew-Headshot.png Drew Brown is a Continuous Improvement Supervisor with Denver Peak Academy.

Drew Brown joined the Peak team in 2016 after working with a local school district as a process improvement analyst. He was given the opportunity to attend Peak’s Black Belt training and loved it so much that he applied for a job opening with the team and has been there ever since. Drew has a knack for getting results on projects related to trust building, change management and strategic planning. He was the lead project manager for DDPHE’s acquisition of epidemiology services from Denver Health, he facilitated successful trust and process improvement work with the Clerk & Recorder’s operations team and HOST’s contracting and street outreach teams, and has done strategic planning work with the Public Defender Office and the Climate Action departments communications team.

Drew and his wife Megan have a daughter named Riley, and they all like to spend time in the mountains on weekends with their dog Remus the husky. Drew is an enthusiastic fan of live music, particularly funk, bluegrass and dubstep. He was an NCAA Division 1 Athletic and Academic All-American, and he competed in the sport of Diving at the 2008 Olympic trials. 

Victoria Kim

Victoria is a Management Analyst with Denver Peak Academy.

Victoria-Headshot-Website-Pic.jpg Victoria is a Management Analyst with Denver Peak Academy. She was first introduced to the Peak team in May of 2023, shortly after her graduation. She was fascinated by the team's core values and vision to empower a community of innovators in order to drive equity in the community. Victoria's passion lies in building meaningful relationships with those in the community and she hopes that she can become a voice for first and second generation children. She is excited to be part of a team that encourages change and looks forward to improving equity in the community one step at a time.

Victoria grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, but has lived in Denver since January 2020. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, majoring in Sociology and holding a certificate in Community Health and Medicine. Currently, she is working hard to provide her kitties, Sebastian and Alfredo, unlimited access to catnip, treats, and toys!

Katie McCune

Katie-Headshot.png Katie is a Continuous Improvement Senior with Denver Peak Academy.

Katie is a Continuous Improvement Senior with Denver Peak Academy. Katie enjoys working with groups across the City and County of Denver to build the structure needed to successfully make a change, and “organize the chaos”. Many of her favorite projects have included equity or strategic planning, such as helping the Department of Safety and Civil Service Commission enhance equity in their hiring process and helping the new Office of Storytelling set a mission, vision, and measurable goals to broaden the impact of their office. Most recently, she led one of the largest improvements in Peak history, reducing the contracting times across this city. Having grown up in the Denver metro area, Katie enjoys applying her skills to help Denver be the best city in the nation and in doing so, getting to know all the amazing people that make the city what it is. Katie earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Colorado and her master’s degree in sociology from Brown University. When not at work, Katie enjoys being silly with her family, exploring new places near and far, and being an active Coloradan. 

Benjamin Purificacion

Benjamin Headshot.png Benjamin is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with Denver Peak Academy.                                                                         

Benjamin joined Peak after working at Denver’s 311. His time with 311 enabled him to experience and work with a broad range of agencies and projects, as well as foster an interest in local government. Since joining the Peak team Benjamin has created tools, training, and marketing content. Projects Benjamin has been a part of include assisting Denver Animal Protection and the Dept of Public Health Inspections in working together to combine their processes to reduce animal bite case times, facilitating an action plan for Denver Parks & Recreation and the Office of Human Resources to hire more lifeguards during the busy summer season, and in a partnership with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Fleet Maintenance he has helped to identify and implement time-saving processes to better serve the citizens of Denver’s growing needs.

Benjamin was born and raised in Queens, New York, and received his Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Albany. When not working, Benjamin enjoys spending time with his dog and backyard chickens and playing board games.

Isheia Williams

Isheia-Headshot.png Isheia is a Management Analyst with Denver Peak Academy
Isheia is a Management Analyst with Denver Peak Academy. In 2019 she joined the Department of Finance and worked alongside the Budget and Management team doing administrative-accounting task and Budget book coordination. Prior to this, she worked for the Illinois Child support division as a Finance analyst assistant. She loves to see meaningful change when work becomes challenging for people. Her specialty is building positive relationships, improving collaborations, and establishing a healthy cost-friendly work environment.    

Megan Williams

Megan-Headshot.png Megan is the Director of Denver Peak Academy.

Megan is the Director of Denver Peak Academy. She was first introduced to Peak Academy in 2014 when she took the Black Belt training as the Community Relations Manager for the Town of Frederick. During her nine years in Frederick, Megan created the town’s community outreach programs and department while also empowering staff internally to improve processes and enjoy coming to work every day. Megan is beyond excited to be working where she lives, helping the people that serve her community reach all their wildly important goals. It is a dream come true for Megan to be leading the PEAK team as they continue to transform government. When not at work, Megan makes up songs with her daughter Leona, attends Rockies games with her husband Zach, and gives belly rubs to her big dog, Blue.

Megan holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism Studies and English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Denver.