Denver Mini Bonds

Denver has issued mini bonds five times since 1990, with the most recent transaction in 2014 during the previous General Obligation Bond Program, Better Denver. The 2014 mini-bond sale totaled $12 million with two separate maturity dates, one in 2023 and the other in 2028. Only Colorado residents could purchase the 2014 mini bonds, sold in denominations of $500. These features allowed individual, local investors the opportunity to benefit from the Better Denver Bond Program. Demand in 2014 was so great that the mini-bonds sold out in under 20 minutes. 

Information about previous mini-bond programs

2014 Mini Bonds

If you purchased Denver Mini Bonds in 2014, they either matured on December 15, 2023, or are due to mature on December 15, 2028.

If you have questions about your 2014 Denver Mini Bonds, please call the Zions Bank Bond Operations Department at 888-416-5176 or 801-844-7545.

Holders of 2014 Denver Mini Bonds that matured on December 15, 2023, may still redeem their Mini Bond(s) at this time. Bondholders should have received a letter from Zions Bank containing instructions for redeeming their Mini Bond(s). This letter was mailed to the physical address provided by the bondholder when they purchased their Mini Bond(s) in 2014. If you have changed your physical address since purchasing a Mini Bond, or if you have additional questions about the redemption process, please contact Zions Bank at the numbers listed above.

Note: The retail banking side of Zions does not manage mini-bonds, so bondholders should not contact Zions using the customer service number found on Zions’ homepage for its retail banking operations.

2007 Mini Bond

If you purchased Denver Mini Bonds in 2007, they are due to mature on January 29, 2022.

If you have questions about your 2007 Denver Mini Bonds, call the Wells Fargo Bondholder Communications Department: 800-344-5128.

1999 Mini Bond Redemption

Denver’s 1999 Mini Bonds matured on January 28, 2014.  Learn how to redeem your Denver Mini Bond Series 1999A

Make sure that you download and furnish a completed Form W-9 or exemption certificate or equivalent when presenting your bond(s).

If you have questions about your 1999 Denver Mini Bonds, call the Bank of New York Mellon Bondholder Communications Line at 800-254-2826.

For general questions about Denver’s mini-bond program, please contact