Risk Management and Worker's Compensation

Risk Management provides a system of risk and loss exposure identification and analysis designed to protect the City and County of Denver, its capital assets, property and employees by managing the city’s self-insurance and loss control programs and the purchase of insurance, by developing and implementing appropriate risk management policies and procedures, and by educating and training all city employees in workplace safety.

The Risk Management and Worker's Compensation Division includes the following units:

  • Insurance and Risk Analysis
    Risk Management program development including placement and management of property and liability insurance policies, citywide risk assessments, insurance requirements for outside contractors providing services to the city.
  • Workplace Safety
    As authorized by Executive Order No. 65, Risk Management is responsible for establishing a city-wide Operational Safety and Health Management Program. Monitors and evaluates the safety activities of agencies/departments to ensure compliance with the City's Safety and Health Management System. Acts as consultant and advisor to agencies/departments in a variety of workplace safety areas.
  • Workers' Compensation
    Administers the city's self-insured Workers' Compensation program and Internal Service Fund, processing benefits required by the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act, §8-401-101 et. seq. C.R.S. 2002. Adjusts claims, authorizes claim payments, and works to return the claimant to work at the earliest possible date.

What’s New for City Employees

(visit the Risk Management SharePoint site)


If you were injured at work and would like to initiate a Workers’ Compensation claim, notify your supervisor immediately and call the OUCH Line at 303-436- OUCH (6824). The OUCH Line is a 24 hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week Workers’ Compensation claim reporting service staffed by health professionals who perform initial triage/evaluation. OUCH Line personnel will document your information, initiate a claim and provide designated physician choices for authorized medical care. The OUCH Line will deliver a report of the injury to Risk Management and your claim will be evaluated for benefit eligibility.