Statewide Sales & Use Tax System (SUTS)

The City and County of Denver is now participating in Colorado Department of Revenue's statewide Sales & Use Tax System (SUTS) portal.

The SUTS portal allows Colorado businesses to file taxes for the 400 plus jurisdictions that make up the Colorado sales tax landscape, from one convenient online location at The portal also includes a Geographical Information System (GIS) tax rate lookup tool that allows businesses to find the tax rate of any location simply by entering an address.

The SUTS portal has two components:

  • Filing and Payment Portal - A one-stop online portal for sales tax account registration, tax return filing, and payment will allow businesses to visit one site to file and pay their sales taxes for state and state-collecting jurisdictions, while also filing and paying sales tax for participating home-rule jurisdictions at the same time.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) - One of the primary elements to sales tax simplification revolves around businesses being able to easily identify the correct taxing jurisdictions related to the sale of a taxable goods or services with the aid of a free technology solution. The GIS tool allows businesses to look up the specific sales tax rate for an individual address. The GIS tool not only shows state sales tax information, but also includes sales tax information for counties, municipalities (both state-collecting and self-collecting), and special taxation districts.

SUTS allows businesses to accurately calculate and collect sales tax for customers in real-time, vastly simplifying the process to allow for more voluntary compliance with tax laws.

Visit for more information.