Plans and Reports

2024 Action Plan

The 2024 Action Plan describes HOST's priorities for 2024 and how it will use its resources to advance the city's goals. The plan was approved by the Housing Sustainability Strategic Advisors on December 15, 2023. The plan is also available in Spanish(PDF, 5MB).

2024 Action Plan(PDF, 5MB)

2023 Action Plan

The 2023 action plan describes HOST’s priorities for 2023.

2023 Action Plan

2022 Action Plan

The 2022 action plan defined goals and strategies for 2022.

2022 Action Plan

Five-Year Strategic Planning

If you’re concerned about homelessness and housing affordability in Denver, please take a moment to read HOST's Five-Year Strategic Plan. Learn more about HOST's the plan process, including timelines, content, and how you can get involved!

Five-Year Strategic Planning Efforts

The Homelessness Resolution Fund

Learn more about HOST's investments utilizing the Homelessness Resolution Fund, which was passed by Denver voters in November 2020.

The Homelessness Resolution Fund

2021 Action Plan and Homelessness Resolution Fund Addendum

The HOST 2021 Action Plan (PDF, 8MB)(PDF, 8MB) (also available in Spanish (PDF, 8MB)(PDF, 8MB)) guides the department's work and the investments made possible by the passage of ballot measure 2B through 2021.

Housing Reports

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

  • Read or download the full report (temporarily unavailable) on the city's 2020 progress on housing.
  • Read or download a summary booklet (temporarily unavailable) of the 2020 Housing Report.

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

  • Read or download the full report on the city's 2018 progress on housing.
  • Read or download a summary booklet of the 2018 Housing Report.

HOST's COVID-19 Response

The City and County of Denver has responded to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis by implementing a variety of strategies for individuals experiencing homelessness. This has also expanded opportunities for rehousing, housing stability, and housing opportunity.

Learn more about the Department of Housing Stability’s COVID-19 efforts from Chief Housing Officer Britta Fisher, along with HOST staff and partners from Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment, presenting an update on COVID-19 operations to City Council’s Safety, Housing, Education, and Homelessness Committee.

Learn more about HOST's COVID 19 Response

Housing an Inclusive Denver

Housing an Inclusive Denver, the city’s five-year housing policy, strategy and investment plan, was approved on February 20, 2018, by Denver City Council. The plan was developed with input from more than 1,500 people, including representatives from many nonprofit advocacy groups, who attended public meetings, responded to online surveys, and attended Housing Advisory Committee meetings.

Affordable Housing Fund Policy Review

Read HOST's review of the Affordable Housing Fund(PDF, 375KB) (DRMC Chapter 27, Article V).

Three-Year Shelter Plan

Read or download the Three-Year Shelter Expansion Plan.

HOST 2021 Budget Appendices

The HOST 2021 budget numbers are established based on actual appropriations for some sources like the City’s General Fund, projected amounts based upon historical levels for sources like federal grants, and current rates of spending for sources that can carry forward from one year to the next.

HOST has recently developed a one-year draft Action Plan to guide the department’s investments, policies and strategies in 2021. The plan will act as a bridge to its longer, five-year plan, which will be available for public review in late 2021. The budget laid out in the Action Plan is different from the HOST budget in the City Budget Book.

  • Some projects like affordable housing developments take time—funds may be designated for a project but not fully spent in the same year
  • Special Revenue funds in the city budget book indicate the amount expected to be expended in a given year; the HOST budget includes the unencumbered balance available to spend.

Read the Host 2021 Budget Appendices