The Homelessness Resolution Fund

Housing is the solution to homelessness. The Homelessness Resolution Fund (HRF) provides critical additional resources to deepen the continuum of supports needed to increase access to housing with appropriate supportive services and ensure people have the resources they need to regain housing and retain housing. This includes residential sheltering and support for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. It also provides flexible dollars to allow Denver to pursue innovative approaches, catalytic projects, and serve those who may be excluded by other funding streams. All Homelessness Resolution Fund Investments must be for people who are currently experiencing or exiting homelessness.

As identified in HOST’s 2021 Action Plan, the Homelessness Resolution Fund is expected to generate $37,128,521 in 2021. HOST intends to use the Homelessness Resolution Fund in approximately the following manner.

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The remainder of this page describes what is included in each category and how funds have been used to date. Across all investments, HOST seeks to support services that are person-centered, culturally competent, and trauma informed.

COVID Emergency Response ($9,900,000)

COVID Emergency Response ($9,900,000)
Support pandemic response including the operations of around 800 rooms of Activated Respite (for those medically referred for isolation) and Protective Action (for those who are high risk) to limit spread of COVID-19 and support guests safely transitioning from those programs. Where possible, HOST will pursue responses that support long-term solutions.




Contracted Community Investments



HRF Amount

Activated Respite/Protective Action ~800 Motel Rooms for COVID-19 Response

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless


Cleaning at COVID-19 Shelters



Security Services at COVID-19 Shelters



Medical Support at Coliseum COVID-19 Shelter

Stadium Medical


Medical Support at COVID-19 Shelters

International Medical Relief


Food Service at Coliseum COVID-19 Shelter

KM Concessions


Hotel Expenditures for COVID-19 Response

MHF Denver Operating V LLC


COVID Emergency Response Contracted Total


*Note: Agencies leverage additional funds beyond the Homelessness Resolution Fund to support these contracts. HOST seeks to leverage federal funds as the primary strategy for supporting the city’s emergency response, particularly Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) resources. However, FEMA funding is collected on a reimbursement basis, which requires the City and County of Denver to outlay city dollars up front in order to be paid back. HOST expects to use Homelessness Resolution Fund dollars. for continued emergency response in 2021. Upon reimbursement, dollars will accrue back to the fund and be available for reinvestment at a later date.

Housing Support and Services ($10,545,000)

Support for housing and supportive services in connection with housing to help at least 500 additional households regain housing from sheltered and unsheltered homelessness through housing programs. Investments in this area may include rapid rehousing, supportive housing, or bridge housing. To more rapidly expand rehousing opportunities in 2021, particularly to aid in transitioning from emergency facilities, HOST anticipates prioritizing models that use existing housing stock in 2021. Providing financing for development of supportive housing, which may include additional funding for services in at least two projects in 2021 to create approximately 80 additional units.

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Contracted Community Investments



HRF Amount

Supportive Services for 85 Units of Supportive Housing

The Rowdy Foundation


Rapid Rehousing

The Salvation Army


Rapid Rehousing

Urban Peak


16th Street Supportive Housing Program

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless


Rapid Rehousing

St. Francis Center


Bridge Housing for Families

Family Promise of Greater Denver


Green Willow Rapid Rehousing Program for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Volunteers of America


Housing Support & Services Contracted Total


*Note: Agencies leverage additional funds beyond the Homelessness Resolution Fund to support these contracts.


Shelter and Services ($8,944,521)

Support shelter operations and services (e.g., case management, integrated clinical services, and outreach) for individuals, youth, and families. HOST projects the investment will support more than 430 beds at existing shelters in a 24/7 model and deepen services at more than 700 additional beds to better support rehousing, health, and other needs. These investments will include opportunities to deepen supports for families accessing shelter. 

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Contracted Community Investments



HRF Amount

Women's Sheltering (357 24/7 beds, 40 overnight)

Catholic Charities & Community Services of the Archdiocese of Denver, Inc.


Crossroads Shelter (300 24/7 beds)

Salvation Army


Rapid Resolution

St. Francis Center


Youth Shelter (30 24/7 beds)

Urban Peak


Tiny Homes (serves 47 households annually)

Colorado Village Collaborative


Peer Navigator Collaborative

Denver Rescue Mission


Women's Shelter (50 24/7 beds)

The Delores Project


Shelter Staffing

Bayaud Enterprises


Lambuth Family Shelter (30 24/7 rooms)

The Salvation Army


Connections Center Family Services Access Point

The Salvation Army


Family Motel Sheltering

US Motels North


Shelter & Services Contracted Total


*Note: Agencies leverage additional funds beyond the Homelessness Resolution Fund to support these contracts. Shelter capacities are reflective of current physical distancing practices due to COVID-19.


Innovative Approaches ($1,480,000)

Support for smaller-scale and pilot projects that advance innovative solutions such as manufactured housing, expanded outreach, or other services, with emphasis on but not limited to approaches for those who are currently unsheltered to connect to stable housing.

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Catalytic Developments ($2,960,000)

Provide gap funding to support acquisition and/or development of at least 100 units of shelter or housing at catalytic development sites that combine multiple uses (e.g., shelter and supportive housing) at the same location.

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HOST released a solicitation for catalytic development projects in November 2021.



Administration ($2,200,000

Support for HOST to successfully administer and report on outcomes achieved through the fund. This includes support for finance; contract and program management; data and reporting; and communications, including community engagement.

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Contracted Administrative Investments



HRF Amount

Professional Services

Corporation for Supportive Housing


Professional Services

Strategy with Rox


Administration Contracted Total





Reserves ($1,110,000)

Support to meet unforeseen needs through a flexible resource and to buffer against lower than expected sales tax collection. If these funds are not needed, reserves are expected to roll over to the next year to be allocated to meet community needs.

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