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Do you already have a housing voucher? Search on to find available affordable rental opportunities throughout the state. You can also find renter FAQs, tools, and other resources. 

City-Funded Affordable Rentals
The City and County of Denver provides financing on rental projects. In exchange for public financing, the owners of these properties have agreed to limit the rent they charge for some or all units for a certain period of time. These affordable rental units are managed by third-party property management companies.

The following non-profit housing counseling agencies can refer you to affordable rental opportunities:

  • Brothers Redevelopment
    (303) 202-6340
  • Colorado Housing Assistance Corp.
    (303) 572-9445
  • Del Norte Neighborhood Development
    (303) 477-4774
  • Denver Housing Authority
    (720) 932-3000
  • NEWSED Community Development
    (303) 534-8342
  • Northeast Denver Housing Center
    (303) 377-3334

What To Expect

The current demand for affordable rental units in Denver exceeds what is available. HOST, and the city, are increasing its annual investment in building new units as well as renovating/rehabbing older units, and strives to preserve the affordability of all projects for as long as possible. 

The city invests in new units as well as the rehabilitation and renovation of existing units.  Many projects accept wait list applications.  Other properties have so many approved applicants that waiting lists are closed. If there is a property you like, you may need to check back with them over time. 

Covenant guidelines define your eligibility to rent an affordable unit and you must remain income-eligible each year to renew your lease. You may not add an income-earning household member without notifying the property manager or leasing agent, whether they are helping you pay the rent or not.

What you Will need

In order to ensure that covenant requirements are being met, the property manager or leasing agent will likely ask you and other members of your household to provide the following kinds of documents when you apply to rent an affordable unit:

  • A driver’s license or other form of identification
  • The most recent two months of paystubs
    (or proof of retirement or benefit income)
  • The most recent two months of bank statements
  • Your previous year’s federal tax return
  • An application with your signature

The main factor for eligibility is your gross annual income.

Review this chart (PDF, 90KB)(PDF) to determine where you fall in the AMI range so that you will know what properties on our list you can qualify for. For example, 30% AMI for an individual is $24,630 and 80% AMI is $62,600. Maximum income limits are adjusted for the number of people in a household.


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