Commissions & Accountability

Under the guidance of the Chief Deputy Executive Director, the Commissions & Accountability department manages updates to improve public safety operations through training and education, oversees the discipline processes for Denver Police, Denver Fire and Denver Sheriff Departments and has the final approval for hiring of sworn personnel. The Commissions & Accountability department also oversees all open records requests and commissions non-Public Safety agencies to enforce specific Denver ordinances, such as parking enforcement. 

Crime Prevention and Control Commission 

The Crime Prevention and Control Commission (CPCC)was formed by an ordinance (PDF) in 2005 in partial response to the overcrowded and unsafe conditions at the jails at the time. The commission has, for nearly 14 years, worked to that end – developing and implementing a variety of programs to decrease the use of the jail and reduce recidivism. In 2018, City Council expanded the role of the Commission to include a behavioral health element – specifically identifying the “extent to which addressing behavioral health needs may affect those who become involved in the justice system before, during and after systems’ involvement” (§ 2-255.54 (c)). Additionally, the Commission is charged with fostering “innovation and alternatives in the criminal justice system and to provide initial funding opportunities for projects that advance these ideals” (§ 2-255.54 (l)).

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Complaints or Commendations

The Office of Independent Monitor (OIM) accepts complaints and commendations for sworn members of the Denver Police and Denver Sheriff Departments. All complaints are forwarded to either the Internal Affairs Bureau of the DPD or the Public Integrity Division for the DSD to be reviewed. The OIM monitors the investigation and review process to ensure that it is handled in a reasonable and appropriate manner. For a more detailed description of the complaint handling process or to file a complaint or commendation, visit the Independent Monitor's commendations and complaints page.

To file a complaint or commendation for the Denver Fire Department, visit the DFD commendations and complaints page

Public Integrity Division

The Public Integrity Division (PID) was created in 2018 to ensure complaints brought against sworn Denver Sheriff personal are thoroughly evaluated, certifying accountability on the behalf of staff and complainants. PID evaluates, investigates, and recommends discipline based on complaints. Although PID is part of the Department of Safety, they are an external function of the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD). 

PID is comprised of the Administrative Investigations Unit (AIU) and the Conduct Review Unit CRU). AIU receives allegations of misconduct and investigates the complaint. CRU considers the evidence gathered by AIU’s investigation to evaluate whether a rule violation has occurred, and if so, makes recommendations regarding the appropriate level of discipline.

DSD Disciplinary Flowchart 9-30-21

Read the Flowchart Transcript(PDF, 76KB)

Open Records Requests

Public Safety is committed to making our agencies open and accessible through both the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA). Being transparent and accountable is an important part of our pledge to the public. 

CORA requires agencies make available for public inspection all “public records” within their custody and control. In Public Safety, CORA applies to all non-investigative records of the Denver Fire Department.  When responding to a request for public records under CORA, the agencies will make every effort to respond and/or clarify or narrow the request within three working days as required by section 24‐72‐203(3)(b), C.R.S. 

CCJRA requires that records of official action must be open for inspection. The CCJRA defines an official action as “an arrest; indictment; charging by information; disposition; pre- or post-trial release from custody; judicial determination of mental or physical condition; decision to grant, order, or terminate probation, parole, or participation in correctional or rehabilitative programs; and any decision to formally discipline, reclassify, or relocate any person under criminal sentence.” Section 24-72-302(7), C.R.S.

Except for records of official actions, which must be available for inspection, all other criminal justice records may be open for inspection subject to the discretion of the official custodian. CCJRA applies to all records of the Executive Director of Safety, Denver Police Department, Denver Sheriff Department, Denver 911, Community Corrections, Electronic Monitoring, Denver Public Safety Youth Programs, Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID) and Denver Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit.  When responding to a request for public records under CCJRA, the agencies will make every effort to respond and/or clarify or narrow the request within a reasonable timeframe.

Please note, records will not be released if used for the direct solicitation of business for pecuniary gain per Section 24-72-305.5, C.R.S.

For more details on open records requests, including costs, please visit the City's open records page

To submit a request to Public Safety, please use the links below.

 All other non-routine Public Safety requests can be submitted to our Records Administrator, Andrea Webber