Community Corrections

The Community Corrections Division is committed to a safer Denver community through effective incarceration alternatives and is made up of three departments.

Residential Community Corrections consists of a network of residential facilities, sometimes referred to as "halfway houses," for adult felons to receive supervision and treatment services in a controlled environment before re-entering the community.

Pretrial Services assesses defendants in custody prior to their first court appearance. This program obtains essential information and makes risk-informed recommendations to the court to assist in determining appropriate pretrial release conditions. 

The Home Confinement Program uses electronic monitoring and supervision strategies to effectively monitor and supervise a client in the community, allowing that client to work and participate in other court ordered activities like treatment and community service.  

Community Corrections provides vital, cost-effective programs that serve as an alternative to prison for individuals vetted and approved to participate. All of these programs, for offenders placed in residential facilities or in non-residential treatment and supervision programs, protect the community by monitoring offenders and their activities and work to ensure criminal patterns are not repeated.