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About DOTI

To report an issue or outage, or to ask about city services, please submit a ticket online or by calling 311 so your request can be tracked for response and resolution.

  • Adam Phipps, Executive Director
  • Jim Potter, Interim City Engineer
  • Todd Richardson, Chief Operating Officer

Summary Org Chart (September 2023)(PDF, 326KB)

Bidding, Contracts, Prequalification

201 W. Colfax Ave
Dept. 614
Denver, CO 80202

Construction and Current Projects

To find project manager and contact forms for active projects, see a current list on our website.

Fleet Management

Roslyn Campus

5440 Roslyn Street, Building C
Denver, CO 80216

Phone: (720) 865-3900
Fax: (720) 865-4158

Central Platte Campus

1271 W Bayaud Avenue, Building 5
Denver, CO 80223

Phone: (720) 337-1196
Fax: (720) 337-1205

Fueling Locations

  • Main Office: Roslyn Shop — 5440 Roslyn St.
    Available fuels: Gasoline, Propane, Diesel (and fluids)
  • Central Platte Campus — 1271 West Bayaud Avenue
    Available fuels: Gasoline, Propane, Diesel (and fluids)
  • Wastewater Facility— 2000 W. 3rd Avenue
    Available fuels: Gasoline, Diesel
  • Osage Facility — 2013 S. Osage Street
    Available fuels: Gasoline, Diesel
  • Cherry Creek Transfer Station — 7301 E. Jewell Avenue
    Available fuels: Gasoline, Diesel
  • Denver Fire Department — 4800 Himalaya Street
    Available fuels: Gasoline, Diesel
  • Parks and Recreation Headquarters — 945 S. Huron Street
    No fuel at this location

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice Regarding Use of Video and Audio Captured by City and County of Denver’s Fleet Telematics and Dashcam System

The City and County of Denver is committed to protecting your individual privacy and securing your personal information made available to us when you interact with us. The City and County of Denver has installed dashcams with internal and external facing cameras to support Executive Order 65 Operational Safety and Health Memorandum A(PDF, 144KB)’s purpose to promote safe driving behavior. While this system is intended to support an employee safe driving program, it may capture still images or recordings of the general public while in operation.

Report Traffic Signal or Sign Problems

During business hours: Call 311

Outside of normal business hours:

For problems with current stop signs, yield signs and one-way signs, contact the Denver Police Department non-emergency line at (720) 913-2000.

Read more about traffic signs and signals

Request Open Records from DOTI

Colorado Open Records Act

The City and County of Denver is committed to making city government open, accountable and accessible to the public. The City’s approach to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) is an important part of its pledge to transparency to build trust with our residents. These guidelines help City agencies and departments provide the public with efficient access to documents and records pursuant to the Colorado Revised Statutes, C.R.S. §24-72-205(6).

Making a Records Request

Requesters must submit a request to the agency that is the custodian of the record itself. The City does not maintain a central repository for public records or a single office that fulfills requests.

PLEASE NOTE: A CORA request received after 3 p.m. or any day that the agency is officially closed will be considered received on the following working day.

CORA Costs

To pay for the cost of processing a CORA request, the agency may charge for the time spent to research and respond to requests for records under CORA.

  • Staff time may be charged at a rate up to $33 per hour.  
  • There is no charge for the first hour to research and retrieve records.
  • There is an additional charge of $0.25 per page for regular paper copies, or an additional cost for the cost of other paper sizes.

Time and Cost Estimates
Agencies may provide the requester with a time and cost estimate, which may require a pre-payment before processing the request. If you pay for more time than is spent processing your request, you will receive a refund.

Document Format

Documents may be available in their native format if they do not need to be redacted or if they can be readily accessed.

Documents such as databases or spreadsheets that can be sorted or searched will be available in a similar format. The City will not provide documents in a format that requires providing software or that would violate the terms of any agreement or rights held by a third party, such as licensing agreements or copyrights.

To request Open Records from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), please complete this form.

If the form is not loading, please refresh your browser window or open in a new window

Click here to view form.

Parking and Enforcement Information

To Report Complaints of Violations of the Public Right-of-Way, please call 311

Paving and Street Sweeping Information

Weekly Paving Updates:

Report a pothole:
Call 311

Street Sweeping
See your schedule and sign up for reminders online

Main Office

1271 West Bayaud Avenue
Denver, CO

Asphalt Plant

5440 Roslyn St
Denver CO

Recycling, Compost and Trash Services

Service requests:
Denver Utilities Online
Report an Issue
Call 311

General recycling questions:

Keep Denver Beautiful

Graffiti Prevention and Removal
Phone: (303) 446-3557

Administrative Offices

2000 W. 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80223

Right-of-Way Permits and Inspection

Right-of-Way Construction Inspection
2000 W. 3rd Avenue
3rd Floor
Denver, CO 80223-1027
Phone: (303) 446-3469
Fax: (303) 446-3442

Wastewater Construction Inspection
2000 W. 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80223-1027
Phone: (303) 446-3469

Right-of-Way Engineering and Regulatory
201 W. Colfax Avenue
Dept. 507
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (720) 865-3003

Survey & Addressing
201 W. Colfax Avenue
Dept. 507
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (720) 865-3002
Survey email:
Addressing email:

DOTI Permit Operations
The permit office at the Wastewater
Building is closed to walk-in service.
Phone: (303) 446-3759

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Permit Operations phones are CLOSED from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. every Thursday.

Development Services/Site Engineering
201 W. Colfax Avenue
Dept. 203
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (720) 865-2982

Wastewater Customer Service

Wastewater Operations
(303) 446-3400

Billing Information
Wastewater Customer Service
(303) 446-3500

Storm Drainage
Water Quality/Storm Drainage
(303) 446-3400

Quality Control
Wastewater Operations
(303) 446-3400

2000 West 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80223

Business Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Main Office: (303) 446-3400