Parking and Transportation Permits

Car Share - PWPT-201

Reference Number: PWPT-201.1

PWPT-201.1-Car_Share.pdf(PDF, 943KB)

Last Updated: 6/15/2018

Hang Tags - PWPT-202

Emergency Truck, Special Parking, Truck Loading Entrance 

Reference Number: PWPT-202.1

PWPT-202.1-Hang_Tags_Emergency_Truck_Special_Parking_Truck_Loading.pdf(PDF, 163KB)

Last Updated: 8/31/2018


Parking Meters - PWPT-203

Reference Number: PWPT-203.1

See DOTIPT-115.1(PDF, 510KB)

Residential and Area Parking - PWPT-204

Reference Number: PWPT-204.2

PWPT-204.2-Residential_and_Area_Parking.pdf(PDF, 136KB)

Last Updated: 3/15/2017

ROW Parking - PWPT-205

Reference Number: PWPT-205.0

PWPT-205.0-ROW_Parking.pdf(PDF, 233KB)

Last Updated: 9/27/2022

Special Parking School Zones - PWPT-206

Reference Number: PWPT-206.0

PWPT-206.0-Special_Parking_School_Zones.pdf(PDF, 92KB)

Last Updated: 8/31/2009

Application information(PDF, 127KB)


Valet One Time or Special Event - PWPT-207

Reference Number: PWPT-207.1

PWPT-207.1-Valet_One_Time_or_Special_Event.pdf(PDF, 431KB)

Last Updated: 2/1/2010


Annual Valet Location - Business Licensing

Reference Number: PWPT-208.0

Business Licensing Center: Valet Location