Right of Way & General Permits

Links open PDF files detailing Entrance Requirements for permit issuance. For best results, right-click to download PDF forms, then complete and use Save As in the application to save your data.

Read each document carefully — required documents may include additional permit application forms, Street Occupancy permits, license information and/or billing registration or authorization. Links to supporting documentation and additional information have been provided for certain permits. 

Banner - DOTIPT-101.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-101.1

Last Modified: 7/2022

Documentation(PDF, 217KB)

Bicycle Parking - DOTIPT-102.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-102.1

Last Modified: 5/28/2015


Block Parties on Residential Streets - DOTIPT-103.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-103.1

Last Modified: 8/4/2022

Block Parties as defined by the City and County of Denver are managed through the Office of Human Rights and Community Partnerships' Office of Community Affairs. See more information about Denver Days and block party criteria on their website.

The block party permit applies to residential streets and alleys only. The permit supports the gathering of residents of a particular block and those adjacent to the street or alley being closed. Parties organized by commercial or business interests that are advertised and/or open to the broader public are permitted under Special Events. Gatherings on non-residential streets and those that include the sale of alcohol also fall under Special Events.


Application forms and requirements(PDF, 1MB)

Dumpsters, Roll-offs and other Containers - DOTIPT-104.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-104.1

Last Modified: 11/18/2022

All containers — Dumpsters, Roll-offs and other Containers — require a permit. There are two types of permits/applications: Residential Annual Permit and Arterial & Collector/Residential One-Time Permit.

The permit for containers is ONLY obtained by the container company, as they are responsible for the maintenance, proper placement and moving of the containers. Please contact your container company and ask to speak with a local representative.

A. Dumpster & Container License Request Form

To place a dumpster or container in the Right-of-Way, you must have a ROW Dumpster License number issued to your company.

For best results, right-click to download PDF form, complete the form, and then save before sending to dotipermitoperations@denvergov.org.

Questions regarding the permitting process may be emailed to: dotipermitoperations@denvergov.org.

B. Residential Annual Permit

For best resultsright-click to download PDF forms, then complete and save your application information.

Applications for permits should be emailed to dotipermitoperations@denvergov.org with all required information completed.

C. Residential One-Time Permit

For best results, right-click to download PDF forms, then complete and save your application information.

Permits must be applied for through e-Permits.

D. Arterial & Collector Streets

Filming Occupancy - DOTIPT-106.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-106.0

Last Modified: 10/27/2004 

All film requests MUST first complete the Office of Special Events online film application at www.denvergov.org/film.

All application packets received by Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) must contain the filming request form, required insurance and traffic control plans (when necessary). See the requirements information below for specific details.


Filming Request Form

 To fill out this application, right-click to download the .xls document(XLS, 41KB) to your computer or device. Enter your information, save the document, and submit via email with other required documents attached.

  • This form must be accompanied by other required documentation in a completed packet submitted to pwpermits@denvergov.org a minimum of 5 business days prior to the first day of the shoot.
  • If you are filming on public property or in parks in the City and County of Denver you must also contact the Office of Special Events.

City Insurance Requirements For Events - Documentation

While hosting a special event in Denver, many activities will require permits from the City and County of Denver for use of city parks, open spaces, streets, sidewalks and public parking.

Insurance is required and evidence of such will need to be submitted to the Office of Special Events as well as any necessary additional city departments with your completed packet.

Each policy shall contain a valid provision or endorsement requiring a minimum thirty (30) day notification to the City in the event of cancelation of any required policy or non-renewal before the expiration date thereof, and ten (10) days notice of cancelation on account of non-payment of premium.

The insurance requirements specified below are the minimum requirements, and these requirements do not lessen or limit the liability of the Permittee. The Permittee shall maintain, at their own expense, any additional kinds or amounts of insurance that it may deem necessary to cover its obligations and liabilities under the City of Denver Filming Permit.

Permittee shall maintain a Commercial General Liability policy with limits of $1,000,000 for each occurrence, $1,000,000 for each personal and advertising claim, and $2,000,000 policy aggregate.

Permittee shall maintain Business Automobile Liability with limits of $1,000,000 combined single limit applicable to all owned, hired and non-owned vehicles used in all operations related to the City of Denver Filming Permit.

For Commercial General Liability, and Auto Liability, Permittee shall name the City and County of Denver, its elected and appointed officials, employees and volunteers as additional insured.

Pyrotechnics and/or explosives are not permitted, in conjunction with a City of Denver Permit, within the City and County of Denver without explicit permission from the City and County of Denver Office of Special Events and the Denver Fire Department. Additional insurance and permits will be required if permission is granted.

The City and County of Denver reserves the right to require additional insurance policies upon review of Permit applications.

Traffic Control Plans - Documentation (when necessary)

TCPs shall be generated and maintained by a barricade company in good standing with the City and County of Denver. TCP’s must include:

  • All travel lanes (including direction), alleys, drive cuts (parking lots/garages), sidewalks, parking lanes, bike lanes, crosswalks & traffic signals.
  • A detour plan shall be required when closing a collector or arterial roadway.

Local access to private property must be maintained unless written approval is provided from the owner of the property.

ADA accessible pedestrian access through the film production must be maintained, or an approved detour route must be provided.

Film production traffic control should not be in place during weekday AM and PM peak times (6am-8:30am and 3:30pm-6pm) on collector and arterial roadways unless preapproved by DOTI Transportation and Mobility.

Parking Meter Request

Any film applicant requesting to bag meters will need to complete the new online application.

Must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to requested date – fees will apply.

Manage Parking Meter Requests Online

Applicants will be contacted via email when permits are approved and ready.  Full payment will be required before issuance of meter permit.


Forestry - DOTIPT-107.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-107.0

Last Modified: 10/28/2008


For more information, please visit the Forestry Division webpage.

Guide Signs - DOTIPT-108.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-108.0

Last Modified: 9/27/2022


News and Drop Box - DOTIPT-109.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-109.0

Last Modified: 9/27/2022


Public Utilities Commission Application - DOTIPT-110.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-110.0

Last Modified: 10/16/2008 


Push Cart, Flower Bucket and Other Vending - DOTIPT-111.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-111.1

Last Modified: 07/2022 


Special Moving Oversize and Overweight - DOTIPT-112.0

Street Furniture and Tables, Chairs and Railings - DOTIPT-113.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-113.0

Last Modified: 8/4/2022 


Outdoor seating has become an integral part of the restaurant/bar/nightclub experience in Denver. Most establishments find excellent value in the addition of tables and chairs on a patio, as patrons naturally gravitate towards the views and outstanding Colorado weather offered in open air seating areas. Google even has a distinct category for “Outdoor Dining,” as does Open Table.

Outdoor seating areas require a permit.
Holding a permit for your outdoor space means that you have followed the City’s rules regarding the existence of an outdoor seating area adjacent to your establishment. *The type of permit necessary for outdoor seating is a “Tables, Chairs and Railings” permit, or a “TCR” permit.  

The “TCR” permit simply ensures best practices.
For example, the “TCR” permit requires certain common-sense practices that will protect patrons and the public, such as ensuring that railings define the space and are bolted into the ground so that chairs and tables aren’t a danger to people during high winds or flooding; secured railings also create boundaries for the space containing the tables and chairs so that people can easily walk down the sidewalk, including those who have strollers and those in wheelchairs… when there are no railings, street furniture can “wander” onto the sidewalk, creating obstacles for those trying to pass. Further, it’s important to have consistency among all outdoor seating areas across the City.

Because of the growing popularity of outdoor seating areas, we realize that business owners may not even realize that they need a permit for this kind of outdoor space. Our hope is to help you with this process so that you are in full compliance with the City’s regulations.

Fees and application process:
New applications can take as many as 15 days to process to allow time for a field inspection of the proposed new location by a City Inspector. The initial processing fee  (non-refundable) is due at the time of application, and there is an annual fee per location.  Certificate of Insurance for the location is required. New and renewing applicants — see the links at top of this page for complete information, including a checklist of required documents.

More information and details on “TCR” permits:

Call 303-446-3759, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

*If an establishment is located on the 16th Street Mall, requests for permits for businesses to have patio seating are made to the City through the Downtown Denver Partnership Business Improvement District (DDPBID). More information is available through Pamela Sellden with the DDBID at psellden@DowntownDenver.com.

ROW Street Occupancy Application Form (Download .xls file) - DOTIPT-114.2

Reference Number: DOTIPT-114.2

Last Modified: 07/2022 


Parking Meter - DOTIPT-115.1

General Traffic Control Procedures for Street Public Occupancy - DOTIPT-116.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-116.1

Last Modified: April 2022 


Pedestrian Walkway - DOTIPT-117.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-117.0

Last Modified: 9/27/2022 


Temporary Sign - DOTIPT-118.1

Reference Number: DOTIPT-118.1

Last Modified: 10/14/2022 

Temporary Sign is a sandwich board type sign or signs mounted on an “H” type base that may be permitted to be placed in the right-of-way.

In addition to the entrance requirements, please see the application and directions for permitting and placement of a temporary sign. 


Tenant Use and Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) - DOTIPT-119.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-119.0

Last Modified: 9/27/2022 

The City & County of Denver must be insured for liability whenever the public right-of-way is closed for block parties and similar events. The TULIP insurance is offered as a convenient way to comply with this requirement.


TULIP insurance can only be purchased through the Entertainment Brokers International website: https://tulip.onebeaconentertainment.com/e/tulip/apply.aspx

Note: You may view TULIP fees by obtaining a quote, with no obligation to purchase.

Step 1 asks you to select your facility (the location your event will be taking place). Enter the Denver Public Works/DOTI Permit code: DENVER PUBLIC WORKS PERMITS = 1879-002

Once you have made a selection, please verify you have the correct location before proceeding to the next step.

When you have selected the correct location, you are ready to follow the steps to obtain your quote and purchase coverage if desired. If you do not have the correct location, you can go back to the drop down lists to select again.

IMPORTANT! When you are asked for the name of your event, include the name of the event or facility you are renting in the name. If you have a permit number, please include that, as well.


  • Lawrence Street Block Party
  • John Smith Family Picnic at City Park Permit Number XXXX

Once coverage has been purchased, a certificate of insurance will be e-mailed to you. Please print and provide a copy to the Permit office.

If you have questions or are having trouble accessing the website, please call 1-800-507-8414.

Transit Amenity Program Bench, Shelter and Kiosk - DOTIPT-120.0

Reference Number: DOTIPT-120.0

Last Modified: 9/27/2022 


Annual Permit Information

The objective of the transit amenity program is to improve the city’s streetscape and improve existing bus stop amenities. It permits private vendors to install new advertising shelters, kiosks and city standard benches at bus stops. 

Less appealing advertising benches will be removed when other amenities are available for those locations. For each shelter and kiosk a vendor installs, they will be required to install a certain number of city standard benches at different bus stop locations. 

Source/Authority: Ordinance No. 466, Series of 2001 authorizes bus shelters and kiosks bearing advertising in the public right of way, adopted by council in June 2001. 

Permits are required of any vendor and/or organization that installs an amenity at a bus stop (this includes RTD). These are annual, revocable permits. No city funding is needed for this program. Private vendors fund the purchase of the amenities as well as site improvements, including concrete pads at the stop if no pad exists, and regular maintenance.

If you observe problems regarding damage or maintenance of transit amenity facilities, please call 720-91-FIXIT.

Freestanding, Privately-Owned Small Cell Antenna Pole ROW Permit - DOTIPT-123.4

Reference Number: DOTIPT-123.4

Last Modified: 1/7/2022