Denver Prepares for More Snowfall

Published on January 20, 2023

Photo of DOTI snow plows ready for action

Denver –  With light snow showers possible today into tomorrow and more snow in the forecast as we usher in a new week, the City and County of Denver’s big plow drivers will remain on duty throughout the weekend, on rotating 12-hour shifts, to provide round the clock response to the main streets as needed.

At this hour, there’s some uncertainty about how much snow will fall in Denver Sunday into Monday, but with moderate to heavy snowfall possible and cold temperatures to follow, DOTI has alerted its volunteer residential plow drivers that they may be needed on Sunday. Another crew will be ready to deploy to the side streets at 3:00 a.m. Monday, if needed. DOTI will solidify deployment plans for the residential plows as the forecast develops over the weekend.

If the forecast warrants a deployment of the residential plows, here’s what residents can expect:

  • The small plows will take a single pass down the center of each side street over the course of a 12-hour shift.
  • They’ll take the top few inches of snow off the street.
  • They will not bring streets to bare pavement but can be helpful in creating a path to the main streets and preventing deep ice ruts from forming.
  • The residential plows do not carry deicer.

Sidewalk reminder: Denver requires that property owners clear snow and ice from their sidewalks, including adjacent ADA ramps. After snow has stopped falling, businesses need to begin clearing their sidewalks immediately. Residents need to clear their sidewalks by the next day. Inspectors with Community Planning and Development leave a time-stamped notice at properties with un-shoveled sidewalks.  After receiving a notice, businesses have four hours and residences have 24 hours before the inspector’s re-check and a potential $150 fine.