Denver’s First Full-Size All-Electric Street Sweeper to Hit Streets

Published on October 11, 2021

Denver's First, Full Size All Electric Street Sweeper

Denver’s First Full-Size All-Electric Street Sweeper to Hit City Streets

Denver – The leaves are starting to change their colors, but this fall, Denver is getting greener with a new street sweeper that runs cleaner! This week, Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is debuting its first full-size, plug-in, all-electric street sweeper that runs eight (8) hours on a charge and will operate in the overnight hours downtown. Downtown residents will benefit because the unit is super quiet!

Denver’s year-round sweeping program collects dirt and debris off city streets that would otherwise end up in our air and waterways and this new all-electric sweeper takes the city’s air quality improvement efforts a step further with zero emissions!

DOTI purchased the street sweeper utilizing a $317,000 grant from ALT Fuels Colorado. The grant funding offset the additional cost of purchasing an all-electric unit instead of a regular diesel unit that utilizes about 2,000 gallons of fuel a year. The all-electric unit cost $575,000 total.

Denver has a fleet of 200 alternative fuel vehicles including all-electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and units that run on compressed natural gas and propane. DOTI also uses a smaller, fully electric sweeper to clean its protected bike lanes.

Ongoing efforts to green Denver’s fleet and to seek out grant funding whenever possible has earned DOTI’s Fleet Management Division the distinction of being named #1 Green Fleet Organization for 2021 by the NAFA Fleet Management Association.

DOTI reminds Denver residents to never sweep their leaves into the street, as this can clog the sweepers and storm sewer inlets. Instead, residents are encouraged to gather up their leaves and drop them off at a Denver Leafdrop location, where they’ll be turned into compost.