DOTI Explores Increasing Scope of Improvements in Broadway & I-25 Area

Published on February 14, 2023

DOTI Explores Increasing Scope of Travel and Safety Improvements in the Broadway and I-25 Area                 

Denver – Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is responding to requests for additional safety improvements for people who walk, bike and roll in the area of Broadway and I-25, committing to exploring more safety enhancements and funding them.

This work would be in addition to two other projects that will make it easier and safer for people to travel the Broadway corridor. The $14.3M Broadway Multimodal Improvement Project, which kicked off last October, is improving pedestrian crossings and adding a two-way protected bikeway between 7th Avenue and Center Avenue. Another project will make multimodal safety and travel improvements south of Center Avenue, in the area of I-25 and Broadway and the RTD Broadway Station. That work, that is anticipated to start before the year is up, will:

  • Build a new way for people to access the RTD Broadway Station on foot or on wheels via Exposition Avenue, which was extended west of Broadway in an earlier phase of travel improvements.
  • Extend the two-way protected bikeway being built on Broadway from 7th Avenue to Center Avenue, down to Exposition Avenue, to help complete that safe, new connection to the station.
  • Improve people’s safety and comfort levels walking to and from the station from the east with a new traffic signal and safer pedestrian crossing at Ohio and Lincoln.
  • Improve how people in cars access the I-25 southbound ramp from Broadway.

Amid calls from local neighborhood groups to further improve safety for walking, biking and rolling to the RTD Broadway station from West Washington Park, DOTI has committed to exploring additional improvements that would be added to the scope of work already planned.

These additional improvements, shown in this map(PDF, 6MB), include:

  • Engineering treatments to protect pedestrians by slowing right hand turns from Broadway onto Ohio Avenue.
  • A new east-west pedestrian crossing at Broadway on the south side of Ohio Avenue.
  • Installation of 10’-12’ foot multiuse paths on both sides of Kentucky Avenue, Broadway, Ohio Avenue and the east side of Bannock Street within the current project limits.
  • The removal of one northbound lane of South Lincoln Street from Ohio Avenue to the traffic signal to the north (approximate 600 feet) to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance and provide a wider buffer for pedestrians on the east side of Lincoln.
  • Increasing the visibility of pedestrians with a raised crosswalk where cars access I-25 Southbound from Broadway.

In addition, and in response to community concerns, DOTI is also formally committing to working with state and federal partners to explore the option of abandoning a future phase of improvements that were planned for the I-25 and Broadway intersection that called for replacing the ramp to northbound I-25 from Broadway – a phase that would result in the loss of some homes, and that has not yet been funded.

I-25 and Broadway interchange and area travel improvements were explored and outlined in great detail in an environmental assessment that was completed in 2008 and revisited more recently to obtain federal funding and approval from the Federal Highway Administration.