Tips and Resources for Bicycling

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Register Your Bike

Bicycle Registration

The City of Denver encourages the registration of bicycles to assist in the recovery and return of bicycles to their owners in the event of a theft.

Bike Registration & Theft Tips 

  • Always lock up your bicycles if they’re kept outside or in a garage. Otherwise, keep them inside the house.
  • Registering your bike is a great tool that aids officers in the recovery of stolen bikes and helps ensure the bicycle is returned to its rightful owner. You may also register your bike at any police station or COP Shop.

For more information on bike registration, bicycle auctions, and recovered bikes, contact:

Detective Lance Rushton

Register Your Bike

Bike Parking


Bike Parking in the Right of Way

Bicycle parking is an important element to Denver’s mobility system.  Providing parking for bicycles near employment, retail, and other destinations ensures equitable options for multimodal transportation. 

Adequate bicycle parking is good for business, increases ridership, offers an alternative to driving, and decreases the demand for automobile parking.

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Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee


Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

The purpose of the MBAC is to advise the Mayor and City Council of the City and County of Denver, and all Departments of and consultants to the City, on all matters relating to the use of bicycles as a means of transportation and recreation. 

MBAC reviews and make recommendations on planning, design, and development of projects prepared by developers, City Departments, and consultants affecting the use of bicycles.

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Learn About Bike To Work Day

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Bike To Work Day

Bike to Work Day is an annual Denver region event usually held the fourth Wednesday each June but due to COVID-19 was postponed until September 22, 2021.  Bike To Work Day encourages people who normally drive alone to work to try riding their bicycles instead!  You can pledge to ride, set up a company challenge, host a station or sponsor the event.

Cycling is a healthy and environmentally-friendly way to get where you need to go.  We hope that by hosting Bike to Work Day each year, we are helping residents get comfortable making biking a normal part of their daily commutes.  Participating in Bike to Work Day is a great way to show your support for safe, bike-friendly streets.  In 2019, more than 30,000 people took part in the event.

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