Complete Streets Design Guidelines

Denver has completed new street design guidelines!  You can view them here.

As Denver changes and grows, there are more and more demands on our streets and transportation system.

The Complete Street Design Guidelines
will be guiding principles for the city's public right of way, detailing how we allocate space to transportation, utilities and other public infrastructure.

These guidelines are an extension of the public conversation contained in Blueprint Denver, the city's plan for land use and transportation, which was adopted in 2019. Blueprint identified a framework for street types within the City of Denver, which vary by neighborhood context and features. In alignment with Blueprint Denver, Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure is updating its internal documentation, policies and guidelines to reflect Denver’s growth and desire to move more people, more efficiently.  The Design Guidelines will further define and develop the street typologies from Blueprint Denver, and will identify how streets should be designed to meet current and future needs.

Creation of these guidelines involved input from representatives across City agencies and community stakeholders, including developers, advocates, freight operators, and neighborhood organizations.  DOTI released the draft guidelines for public input in August; staff will review comments received and work to incorporate feedback into the final document.  The final guidelines document will be followed by a formal update to the City’s Transportation Standards and Details, which will allow the city to apply the updated standards in new construction and future projects, in harmony with the guidelines.