District Management Office


In 2001, City Council approved the creation of the District Management Office within Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure. Currently there are 145 Special Districts within the City and County of Denver, ranging from City Charter districts to State Statute districts.

Office responsibilities

  • Serve as the City representative in all new district formations
  • Act as liaison for the City with all currently formed special districts.  
  • Coordinate the ongoing activities with all currently formed special districts.
  • Represent City interests in District financing.  
  • Implement the Gateway Area Impact Fee Ordinance.  
  • Participate in planning pre-application meetings for properties in the Gateway and other districts.  
  • Lead the negotiation process for subsequent proposed Intergovernmental Agreements in the Gateway Area, Stapleton and other district areas.  
  • Monitor the Gateway District System Development Fees. Report payments to the District and distribute fees according to the Regional Facilities Agreement.

District Information

District Characteristics(PDF, 81KB) (Within the City and County of Denver) — Local Improvement Districts, Local Maintenance Districts, Business Improvement Districts, General Improvement Districts, Metropolitan Districts

Local Maintenance Districts

Gateway Impact Fees

2022-23 Gateway Fee Impact Calculator — effective October 4, 2022

Download calculator(XLSX, 28KB)