About Denver's Sidewalk Programs

Denver has two initiatives furthering Mayor Hancock’s Mobility Action Plan to make it easier for people to travel in Denver on foot. Read the Mobility Action Plan »

New Sidewalk Construction

Denver is addressing gaps in the city's sidewalk network with a focus on providing access to transit, schools, libraries, parks and city facilities

New Sidewalk Construction

Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair

In 2022, Denver began incorporating sidewalk repair work into its annual concrete maintenance program.  This initiative replaced the Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program that DOTI launched in 2018 and paused in 2020 amid the economic hardships created by the COVID-19 public health crisis. The new approach is rooted in realizing the efficiencies that come with utilizing a contractor that’s already mobilized and onsite doing other concrete work.

Locations considered for sidewalk repairs will be established annually in conjunction with concrete repair work happening in advance of street paving, with priority given to equity areas and the criteria that furthers our community’s mobility goals (such as improving segments along the high injury network and that connect to transit, schools and other destinations).

The first sidewalks to be addressed with this new approach in 2022 are within the boundaries of E 26th Avenue to E 35th Avenue and Downing Street to York Street, where other concrete work is occurring in advance of next year’s street paving program.

The number of block-faces this initiative will address each year will be tied to annual funding levels, contractor pricing, and the extent of repairs required in the established work area.  DOTI has added a total $1.2M to existing contracts with concrete companies to make sidewalks repairs in 2022. With the $1.2M, we anticipate fixing 24 block faces and hope to add more dollars and do more blocks in 2022, if the length of the construction season allows.

DOTI will fund sidewalk repairs in subsequent years utilizing a portion of the funding it’s receiving from increases in parking meter and parking citation rates and will seek an annual general fund appropriation as it does for other infrastructure maintenance programs. DOTI will use its annual funding appropriation to establish an annual work program, similar to how it manages street paving and other infrastructure maintenance programs.

Please note that per city ordinance, property owners maintain responsibility for adjacent sidewalks and could be noticed for repairs if a sidewalk complaint about their sidewalk is received.  Residents that are noticed to fix their sidewalks because of complaint should do so in a timely manner or can check to see if their sidewalk is on the city’s current work plan.

Additional Information

Sidewalk Responsibilities

Within the City and County of Denver, abutting property owners are responsible for installing and maintaining sidewalks within the public right of way.

Denver Municipal Code Chapter 49

Requesting Inspections or Reporting Damage

Contact 311 to report damaged or hazardous sidewalks in the public right of way. Complaints will be directed to an inspector for review. 

Complaints with an appearance of harassment or discrimination will be discarded.

Snow on Sidewalks

Denver requires that property owners clear snow and ice from their sidewalks, including adjacent ADA ramps, so that EVERYONE has safe access throughout the city! Senior citizens, people with disabilities, parents with strollers, and mail carriers — just to name a few — struggle to negotiate hazardous walkways. We need to do our part to make our community safe and accessible for all.

Timing: After snow has stopped falling, businesses need to begin clearing their sidewalks immediately. Residences need to clear their sidewalks by the next day.

Inspectors leave a time-stamped notice at properties with un-shoveled sidewalks. After receiving a notice, businesses have four hours and residences have 24 hours before the inspector’s re-check and a potential $150 fine.

Report A Problem: If it has been more than 24 hours after a snow event and sidewalks near you are still not shoveled, please contact Denver 311 to provide the address of the unshoveled sidewalk.

Tips: For how to properly shovel snow, please visit Denver Health's Snow Removal Injury Prevention

Denver's Snow Angel Program