2020 Project Archive

See highlights from projects completed by Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) in 2020.

For information on projects completed prior to 2016, please contact the DOTI Public Information Office.

15th & 17th Street Multimodal Improvements

Changes were made on 15th & 17th Streets to better organize the roadway so that people who walk or roll, bike, take transit, and drive have dedicated space to travel safely and more predictably.  The improvements have increased the comfort, safety, and convenience of walking or rolling, biking, and transit as travel options, especially for those who depend on those options as their primary mode of travel.

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35th Street Sanitary Improvement Project

General Information

The 35th Street Sanitary Improvement project rehabilitated the sanitary sewer main in 35th Street. The project area included 35th Street from Chestnut Place (west boundary) to Dexter Street (east boundary). See specific locations below.

The purpose of the project was to improve the sanitary sewer main which was in need of repair. To minimize impacts to the area, the contractor installed a liner into the sewer main rather than having to excavate the street, ensuring a much less intrusive, costly and time-consuming rehabilitation method

The project was completed in July 2020.

Project Location

35th Street from Chestnut Place. to Downing Street, continuing on E. 35th Street from Downing to Humboldt Street, then continuing on from N. Steele Street to N. Dexter Street.

38th & Holly Detention Pond Improvements

The City and County of Denver made improvements to the existing 38th & Holly Detention Pond. During small and larger storm events, water collected in Holly Street at depths up to approximately 1.5 feet. The water then overtopped the pond embankment along Holly Street to enter the pond and causes severe erosion to the embankment, creating on-going maintenance concerns and repairs.

The project constructed a new rundown to prevent future erosion, provide stormwater quality, and significantly re-landscape the detention pond and plant trees for pedestrian shade. The project now safely directs stormwater into the detention pond while improving the water quality and the aesthetics for the surrounding neighborhood.

Construction began in Fall 2018 and was completed in April 2020.

47th & York Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

This project comprised the design and construction of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge with stairs and ramps crossing over the Union Pacific railroad line, south of the existing crossing at 47th Avenue and York Street. Design concluded in 2018 and construction took place in 2019. 

This location was identified in the Elyria Swansea at York - East/West Connectivity Study conducted in 2016 to evaluate multi-modal connectivity in Elyria Swansea and improvements in the area north of I-70 and south of 49th Avenue.

Exposition Avenue & S. Fillmore Street Storm Drain

The Exposition and Fillmore Storm Drain reduces localized flooding problems in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood. Denver’s 2014 Storm Drainage Master Plan identified the need for a storm drain at this location due to the significant amount of storm water that flows on neighborhood streets before entering the existing storm system in Exposition Avenue.

Construction was completed April 30, 2020.

Federal Boulevard Improvements: 7th to Holden

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) has completed improvements to Federal Boulevard between West 5th Avenue and Howard Place to improve safety and operations for multimodal travel. Preliminary design began in 2011, following the vision established in the city's Federal Boulevard Corridor Plan in 1995 and a study of Federal Boulevard between 5th Avenue and Howard Place.

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La Lomita Park (Asbury & Tejon)

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) and Denver Parks & Recreation improved water quality and constructed a new playground at La Lomita Park, formerly known as Asbury and Tejon Park. This project removed an existing concrete channel and rebuilt the park with a naturalized, vegetated water quality channel that includes play features and educational components for nearby schools. In addition, the recreation lawn and playground was rebuilt to be more functional for residents and community members.

Construction began in Summer 2019 and the project was completed in 2020.

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Marston Lake North Drainageway

The City and County of Denver, with Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) and Jefferson County, made improvements to Marston Lake North Drainageway between South Garrison Street and Stanford Avenue and Balsam Park.

This completed project, located within Jefferson County and the City and County of Denver, will improve water quality and infrastructure at Stanford and Balsam Park, and develop a sustainable urban design that will result in structures being removed from the regulatory 100-year floodplain designation.

Construction was completed in April 2020.

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Montbello Bicycle Course

The City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure partnered with Denver Parks and Recreation to construct an outdoor hands-on bicycle skills course at Montbello Recreation Center. 

With the goal to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety coupled with the rise of bicycle lanes installing in Denver, it is important to provide facilities that can teach skills for riders to learn how to ride and feel comfortable using a variety of bike lanes throughout our city. Having a safe environment to execute hands-on bicycle and pedestrian education will provide a controlled learning experience for cyclists.

The Montbello Bicycle Course was completed in August 2020.

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Platte To Park Hill

Denver is taking a comprehensive approach to better protecting people and property against flooding while improving water quality and enhancing public spaces. The Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems program focused in the near-term on the northern neighborhoods of Elyria, Swansea, Cole, Clayton, Skyland, Whittier, Five Points and Northwest Park Hill. The City began planning this phased effort in Summer 2015.

  • Globeville Landing — Construction
    Construction on the Globeville Landing Outfall began in winter 2016 to build storm drainage infrastructure. Construction then began on work to develop park amenities. 
  • City Park Golf Course — Completed
    Construction began in November 2017 and the course reopened on September 1, 2020.  The course reopened for play after the turf was fully established, in order to protect the new turf from being damaged.
  • 39th Ave Greenway — Completed
    Construction began in Summer 2018 and the Greenway became operational in November 2020.
  • Park Hill Detention — Completed
    Construction began in November 2018 and was completed in Fall 2020. Work on the stormwater detention area at the Park Hill Golf Course site began in January 2019 and was completed in 2020.

Santa Fe Streetscape Improvements

Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) transformed a stretch of Santa Fe Drive between 6th and Colfax Avenues into a safer street to enhance the experience for people who walk the corridor, which is home of the Art District on Santa Fe, a popular destination for residents and visitors. For over two years, DOTI collaborated with the community to create a new street design for Santa Fe Drive within the Art District that enhances safety for all users and pedestrians, in particular.

Installation of the streetscape improvements along Santa Fe was completed in November 2020.

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Valverde Stormwater Improvement Project

This project will help improve safety and reduce flood risks to people and property in the Valverde and Athmar Park neighborhoods, two areas of town known to flood.  The city installed a larger stormwater pipe along West Alameda Avenue from Bryant to Decatur Streets, which provides more capacity to carry and drain stormwater in this area. In addition, lateral storm pipes were installed along residential streets between West Alameda Avenue and West Dakota Avenue.

Construction began in February 2020 and was completed in October 2020.