Cherry Creek North (CCN)

The City and County of Denver hosts a monthly construction coordination meeting with key contractors working in the CCN area: N University Blvd to N Steele St and 1st Ave to 3rd Ave.

The purpose of the meeting is to work with contractors to cross-check and coordinate specific street projects within the CCN area and to not have streets inaccessible to motorists/pedestrians at any one time.  Parking may be limited by these projects and lane closures are expected.

A monthly construction schedule of projects and locations is outlined below.  Ongoing construction projects are also listed.  When completion dates are known they will be noted. 

NOTE:  For contractors and others wishing to do work or close streets in the CCN area, you are required to attend the CCN Coordination Meeting prior to starting your work. These meetings are to assist with coordinating all the various CCN Projects. 

Meetings will be held every other month on the third Thursday at 10am.

2401 E 2nd Ave Suite 150 – Basement Boardroom

Work Times - Unless noted, all work times are 8:30am to 3:30pm

Cherry Creek Coordination: 1/19/2022

6/24/2021 6/24/2022  GH Phipps 200 N Clayton St (E 3rd Ave to E 2nd Ave) Large Project (new high rise)


12/31/2022  Cherry Creek North Business Improvement  Cherry Creek North Fillmore Plaza IGA 

Cherry Creek North Fillmore Plaza Annual Permit - IGA

1/5/2022  2/11/2022  Concrete Works of Colorado, Inc. 2 N Steele St - S Steele St (E 1st Ave to Bayaud Ave) Gray's Peak General Storm to place new refuge areas for parks maintenance of the median
1/17/2022  1/21/2022  Xcel Energy - Central Metro 252 N Clayton St (N Clayton St - E 2nd Ave to E 3rd Ave) Asphalt Restoration
1/20/2022  1/20/2022  Xcel Energy - Central Metro  200 N Clayton St (E 2nd Ave - N Clayton St to N Detroit St)  New Gas Service