Land Description Guidelines

All descriptions of land submitted to the City of Denver shall be referred to the office of the City Surveyor for review. The City Surveyor shall review the description for conformance to City records. The submitted document shall be in 8 ½" by 11" format and shall consist of a written description accompanied by an illustration depicting the description.

Each description shall have a TITLE.

The title should be Land Description. If there are multiple parcels to be reviewed as a group, each parcel should have an identifiable name (Parcel 1, Parcel 2, etc.). Nothing in the Title, the Caption, or the Body shall describe a use for the parcel.

Each description shall have a CAPTION.

Captions must refer to the underlying lots and blocks, if applicable, along with subdivision name and recording information. Captions must also include ¼ Section, Section, Township, Range west of the 6th P.M., located in the City and County of Denver, State of Colorado.

Each description shall have a BODY if further description is necessary. The Body shall describe:

  • Point of Beginning
  • Basis of Bearings if bearings are used
  • Locative calls to clearly described bounding elements and/or monuments
  • Closure tolerance of 0.01’ by 0.01’

Each description shall be prepared by a Colorado licensed surveyor and requires an AUTHORED BY statement containing the name, professional license number, address, and phone number of the preparer of the description.

When the land description is approved, provide two paper copies of the description and illustration, with original dated signature and seal, to the office of the City Surveyor along with a digital file containing the description in Word format. One of the paper copies will be used for recording purposes and the Word Document file will be used in preparation of any documents going through City Council process.