Planned Development Submittal Guidelines


Some or all of the items below may be required for a Planned Development submittal:

Right-Of-Way Dedication

Right-of-Way Dedications should be made parallel with the existing right-of-way and made in one foot increments of width.  The developer must submit to the City Surveyor for review and approval, a legal description along with a copy of the DES approved site plan for any land to be deeded to the City. The Site Plan can not be approved until the land has been conveyed to the City.

Subdivision Plat

Rules and Regulations for Subdivisions (PDF)

PUD/PBG Site Plan Rules and Regulations

Site Plan Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Right-of-Way Encroachments

Property owners must obtain an Encroachment Permit prior to placing their privately owned facilities in the right-of-way.

See Encroachments - DOTIPT-105 for Encroachment permit submittal information and resources.

See Encroachment FAQ for commonly asked Encroachment questions.