Land Survey Plat Filing Requirements


FILE LSP's ONLINE! (Instructions)(PDF, 2MB)

As required by Article 50 of the State of Colorado Revised Statutes:

1. The required sheet size is 24"x36" or 18"x24".

2. Border requirements are: 2" left, ½" top, right, and bottom.

3. Permanent, non-fading ink (black) on heavy bonded paper if submitted in "Original Format." Xerox copies will NOT be accepted. If submitted in "Digital Format", must have a minimum resolution of three hundred dots per inch. Must conform with CRS 38-50-101 in either original or digital format.

4. Original signature and seal of Professional Land Surveyor.

5. State the Section, Township, Range, and Principal Meridian in the title block.

6. Conforms to CRS 38-51-106 in either original or digital format.

7. Prefer ¼ Section, Section, Township, Range and Principal Meridian in the title block.

8. Prefer City and County of Denver, State of Colorado in the title block.

9. Filing cost is $20.00 per sheet in either original or digital format. Make checks payable to the "Manager of Finance".

10. Land survey plats are deposited with:

City and County of Denver Surveyor
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept 507
Denver CO 80202


  • Filing/Depositing a Land Survey Plat does not route to nor is recorded with the City and County of Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office
  • 3rd floor mail room of Wellington Webb Building can accept "Original" Land Survey Plats for depositing
  • (720) 865-3100
  • Payment and Processing of "Digital" Land Survey Plats can be done online at: Denver's Permitting and Licensing Center


  • Indexing Statement will be digitally stamped upon deposit
  • Leave a blank space approx. 2.5"x5.5" below the Indexing Statement Title for stamp