Site Development Plan (SDP) Survey Requirements

  1. Per Formal Site Development Plan Submittal Checklist (SDP Checklist), Sheet 1 Surveyor’s Certification, certifying to the Site Development Plan planset shall be:

    I, (name of Surveyor), a Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Colorado, do hereby certify that the Survey for the (name of development) was made under my supervision and the accompanying plan accurately and properly shows said Survey.

  2. Sheet 1 (Title Sheet) and Sheet 2 (Survey Sheet) descriptions: shall be the Vesting Deed or Title description.  Added metes and bounds/perimeter component is no longer required.

  3. SDP Sheets 1 and 2 Land Descriptions: need to include an area statement, and the area in the Sheet 1 Statistical Table must coincide with the Land Description area.

  4. Sheet 1 and/or Sheet 2 Basis of Bearings Statement shall conform to Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) and Colorado State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers, and Professional Land Surveyors Bylaws and Rules (Board Rules). Include identifying and describing the monuments at the endpoints of said Basis of Bearings within the Statement.

  5. Per SDP Checklist, Sheet 1 and/or Sheet 2 Project Vertical Control shall be to the nearest CCD Benchmark (BM). Note/call out BM name/number, description of monument, location and NAVD 1988 elevation.

  6. SDP Sheet 2 Survey shall be a stand-alone Improvement Survey Plat (ISP), including all required elements as defined in CRS and Board Rules, and shall be deposited per CRS and Board Rules.

  7. Define/show adjoining rights of way, improvements located/shown to the opposite flow line. Provide distances from property line/block line/right of way line to sidewalk to flow line to opposite flow line.

  8. Sheet 2 Survey Certification shall conform to CRS and Board Rules.

  9. Range Points and Range Lines shall be shown on Survey. Range Points defining the right of way lines/block lines need to be located/recovered by “Diligent Search” or reestablished prior to SDP approval, per Ordinance 41 Series 1886 and per CCD “Guidelines/Requirements for Range Points” (Range Point Requirements).

  10. We require your Survey show/explain/substantiate the order of determination as follows:
    1. First, the right of way lines shall be controlled by the parallel offset of the historic Range Lines. Where there are aliquot lines controlling the subject property, those too shall be located/reestablished/shown.

    2. Second, the Development Boundary is based on record and physical evidence, and the prorated breakdown of the Block.

    3. Include measured (M), calculated (C) and record, i.e., (R-1), (R-2), (R-3), to the legend and the courses to compare and reference Subdivision Plats, ALTAs, Control Diagrams, LSPs/ISPs or Deeds to show you are in harmony with subject and adjoining Surveys and Title.

  11. For Range Point reestablishment, primary evidence shall be the connection to the nearest Range Points and/or their accessories. These reestablished positions need to be pre-approved by the CCD Area Surveyor.

  12. Per Range Point Requirements, all new/reestablished Range Points will require a new Range Point Tie Sheet submittal. Also update existing Range Point Tie Sheets where found/recovered Range Point tie distances do not conform, or ties are lost. Label historic Range Line connections with measured (M), calculated (C) or record (R) distances.

  13. Where an approved Range Point position falls in a drive lane along an arterial roadway, conflicts with utilities or is in a precarious or dangerous position, the CCD Area Surveyor may approve an alternative to setting the Range Point/Range Box. That alternative is to set out four (4), more substantial reference points than a cut “X”, in all 4 quadrants around the Range Point position. Required is a Range Point Tie Sheet showing these reference points, with an explanation why the Range Point was not set. The same information shall be shown on the SDP Survey, along with the explanation why the Range Point was not set. Talk with the CCD Area Surveyor if this situation applies to one or more of the Range Point positions.

  14. If additional right of way or an easement is required to be conveyed to the City as part of the development project, this is a separate but concurrent process with the SDP. Required submittals:

    1. Land Description and Illustration by a Colorado Licensed Land Surveyor of the property or easement to be conveyed to the City. See “Guidelines for Land Descriptions” link below.

    2. Title Policy, Commitment or Binder of the property to be conveyed or the entire development property, effective date within 90 days of submittal.

    CCD Division of Environmental Quality (EQ) requires the submittal of a recent Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).  In certain cases, EQ may waive this requirement.   Phone: 720-865-5452 or with questions or to request a waiver.

    After Land Description and Illustration are approved, CCD Survey Reviewer may request a .doc or .docx file of the description for Council Dedication purposes.

    After approval, CCD Division of Real Estate will then provide you with the appropriate document to have signed and notarized (executed). CCD Real Estate will then record this document upon re-submittal/re-review and approval.

    Property or Easement needs to be conveyed to the City prior to SDP approval. Contact the CCD Area Transportation or Wastewater Reviewer with any questions. Email Submittals and all follow-up Re-Submittals to

  15. In the SDP plan set, Sheets 1 and 2 Land Descriptions, Sheet 2 Survey, and all other Sheets where the development boundary is shown, need to reflect the development boundary after the required deed has been conveyed to the City for additional right of way. Set monuments accordingly. Provide a note/label leadered to the proposed conveyed property such as, “conveyed to the City, Reception Number__________________.”

  16. If an Access/Utility Easement (PNEE) is required as part of the development project, this is also a separate but concurrent process with the SDP, reviewed by CCD Wastewater and Survey. Email Submittals and all follow-up Re-Submittals to

    1. Signed and notarized (executed) “Permanent Non-Exclusive Easement” (PNEE) form, provided by CCD.

    2. Land Description and Illustration Exhibits by a Colorado Professional Land Surveyor of the overall property (Exhibit A) and the easement area (Exhibit B) to be conveyed to the City. See “Guidelines for Land Descriptions” link below.

    PNEE needs to be conveyed to the City prior to SDP approval. Contact the CCD Wastewater Reviewer for the PNEE document form that needs to be included with your first submittal. CCD Area Surveyor will record this document upon re-submittal/re-review and approval.

  17. Inform the Survey Reviewer of any additional changes not related to Survey comments/redlines. Additional changes will cause our Review process to restart from the beginning.

  18. New or additional addresses will be required. See the link on this page to apply online.