McAuliffe International Safe Routes to School Multimodal Improvement

Project Update: July 2022

Overview: The Safe Routes to School project at McAuliffe International School has experienced a delay that may impact the construction timeline for the project.  DOTI estimated this project would begin construction in late 2022, but the construction timeline will need to shift, potentially to 2023 due to project challenges.

DOTI is working closely with our partners to keep the project moving forward.  Additionally, quick-build opportunities are being explored to bring near-term safety enhancements to the area because of the delayed permanent improvements.  For additional questions, you can connect with the Safe Routes to School Program at

Background Context

  • Engineering Design was finalized by both the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the City and County of Denver (CCD) in Q2-2022
  • Construction Bid packages were prepared and approved for posting by Denver and CDOT in Q2-2022
  • The Project was Posted on Work4Denver (DOTI’s contracting/advertisement platform) in Q2-2022
  • The Construction Bid opportunity closed on June 30th, 2022
    • Unfortunately, DOTI did not receive any bids that could be awarded for to a contractor to construct this project on June 30th, 2022

Why did DOTI not receive a bid(s) to construct the project?

It is impossible to pinpoint the exact reason, but DOTI believes that rising construction material costs and a shortage in the labor market has impacted the construction industry significantly.  As a result, it is possible that construction contractors felt as if they did not have capacity to take on the construction project at McAuliffe.

What step(s) is DOTI taking moving forward?

DOTI has connected with qualified construction contractors in the area to advertise the project and answer and questions about the project.  DOTI anticipates an increased interest in the project as a result and will reopen a bidding opportunity for the project.

When will a new bid be released?

A bidding opportunity will reopen in August 2022.  Bids will be due from contractors in September 2022.

What does this mean for the construction schedule?

While DOTI initially hoped this project might be ready for construction in 2022, the likelihood has increased that this project will not break ground until 2023.  DOTI apologizes for this inconvenience.

Are there an opportunity for DOTI to implement near-term safety improvement(s)?

Yes!  DOTI is in the process of adapting the concrete pedestrian refuge islands at 23rd Avenue and Kearney Street into a paint and post product that can enhance crossing safety at this intersection.  DOTI hopes to enhance the location in 2022 ahead of the full construction of the project.

The City and County of Denver intends to implement multimodal safety improvements (collectively called the “McAuliffe International Safe Routes to School Project”) along 23rd Avenue, 25th Avenue, and 26th Avenue, and Kearney Street.  This is part of a coordinated effort with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), Elevate Denver GOBOND, and Safe Routes to School.

These improvements will include:

  • The project includes sidewalk infill and updated ADA compliant curb-ramp construction along these segments:
    • North side of 26th Avenue from Holly to Kearney Street 
    • West side of Kearney Street from 26th to 25th Avenue 
    • South side of 25th Avenue from Jasmine to Kearney Street 
    • North side of 23rd Avenue from Jasmine to Locust Street 
    • South side of 23rd Avenue from Leyden to Monaco Pkwy 
    • East and west sides of Kearney Street between 25th and 23rd Avenue 
  • Pedestrian refuge islands on both the east side and west side of Kearney Street and 23rd Avenue intersection
  • New street light pole at 23rd Avenue and Kearney Street intersection

Project Overview

Starting in Summer 2020, the City and County of Denver will begin the design process to improve walkability and access to McAuliffe International School.  This project was awarded Colorado Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Funds to implement infrastructure improvements benefiting access to schools.

As part of the Safe Routes to School Program, Elevate Go Bond Program, and Colorado Department of Transportation, this project aims to enhance pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular safety for residents and students traveling to and from school within the Park Hill neighborhood. These infrastructure improvements collectively will provide enhanced safety and access while also benefiting the community in many other ways, including traffic calming, safer pedestrian crossings, traffic efficiency, and multi-modal safety.

Project Area Maps

Each Project Area identified in the maps below indicate a different source of funds used for design and construction. All three project areas indicated will be designed and constructed as one package in order to improve efficiency for project implementation.

McAulifee International Safe Routes To School construction map


McAulifee International Safe Routes to School project map

If you need assistance with reading any of the project area maps, please contact the project manager, Brendan Paradies at