Montbello Bicycle Course

The City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure have partnered with Denver Parks and Recreation to construct an outdoor hands-on bicycle skills course at Montbello Recreation Center.

With the goal to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety coupled with the rise of bicycle lanes installing in Denver, it is important to provide facilities that can teach skills for riders to learn how to ride and feel comfortable using a variety of bike lanes throughout our city. Having a safe environment to execute hands-on bicycle and pedestrian education will provide a controlled learning experience for cyclists.

Project Goals

  • IMPROVE SKILLS - Giving users skills to ride bicycles to advance multi-modal goals and get more people on bikes
  • GOAL ALIGNMENT - With the rise of bicycle lane installation throughout City and County of Denver, exposure to and knowledge how to ride these facilities will be crucial. 
  • ENCOURAGE ACTIVE MODES - Teaching youth how to ride so that they can ride their bikes to school

Montbello Bicycle Course Flyer(PDF, 896KB)

Montbello Bicycle Skills Course

Montbello Bicycle Skills Course map graphic

If you need assistance with reading this map, please contact the project manager, Brendan Paradies at