Small Cell Infrastructure

Small Cell facilities are low-powered antennas that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas, supplementing the larger cellular network and improving service for wireless customers. DOTI is responsible for issuing permits for any utility equipment placed in the right of way and setting standards for physical appearance and safety.


Design Guidelines

Applicants for small cell infrastructure in Denver must obtain a permit, must meet the requirements set forth in the design guidelines and consider the aesthetics of the existing streetlights and neighborhoods adjacent to proposed small cell locations.

Small Cell Design Guidelines(PDF, 6MB)

Street Lighting Design Guidelines(PDF, 5MB)


Approval Process for Freestanding Small Cell Infrastructure

Approval Process for Small Cell Co-Location Infrastructure

Additional Documents

See instructions for filling out and submitting these worksheets in the Entrance Requirements documentation.

Small Cell Submittal Checklist(PDF, 965KB)

Required Plan Notes (PDF)

MS Word format — right-click to save to local destination 

Adjacent Property Notification Template(DOCX, 722KB)

Colocation: SONO Template (.docx)

Colocation: SONO Checklist(PDF, 330KB)

Denver NRHP and Landmarked Historic Parks and Parkways (PDF)

MS Excel format — right-click to save to local destination 

Geodatabase Template (ZIP file — right-click to save)


Learn More

Connected Colorado Video: Impact of small cell laws

Small Cell Infrastructure(PDF, 2MB)

Download the information sheet about how Denver is working with communities and utility companies to manage small cell infrastructure in the city.

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