Street Sweeping

Residential seasonal street sweeping season runs April through November.

Street sweeping keeps dirt and debris out of our air and water and prevents the clogging of storm sewer inlets that can create localized flooding issues. DOTI asks residents to move their cars so the street sweepers can get all the way to the curbline where dirt and debris gathers.

Street sweeping plays a critical role in keeping Denver’s streets, air and water clean. DOTI's street sweeping program removes dirt, leaves and debris from city streets, which reduces air and water pollution and supports a clean environment. 

In 2023, DOTI's Street Maintenance Division swept 108,035 lane miles and collected 50,537 cubic yards of debris!


Tips for street sweeping days

  • Remove items from the curb on sweeping days
  • Trim back branches near the street to prevent trees and equipment from damage
  • Bicyclists: ride carefully and be aware of sweeping activity near bike lanes
  • Drivers: give street sweepers plenty of room and only pass when safe to do so