Engineering and Construction Specifications

Construction & Development


Developments and Projects over 1 acre require:

Capital Projects Standard Construction Specifications

Construction Specifications - March 2016

These Standard Construction Specifications set forth the provisions applicable to storm, sanitary and other related construction on Wastewater Capital projects, as specified. The general contractor is responsible for all materials and equipment necessary to perform all operations in connection with the construction of the facilities as described in approved plans, the most recent edition of these Standard Construction Specifications and the Wastewater Management Division Standard Details.

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Waste Hauler License Requirement

All solid waste haulers who collect and haul waste, recyclables, organics, junk, construction/ demolition/ deconstruction debris, and bulky materials within the City and County of Denver must obtain a waste hauler license, per DRMC Section 48.

Notice of License Requirement

Additional Documentation

Erosion Control Criteria

Denver's Erosion Control Guide for formatting and minimum plan design criteria, standards and requirements used to regulate stormwater plan preparation, permitting, field implementation, and enforcement of the City and County of Denver (Denver or City) Stormwater Criteria for Construction Activities. 

NOTE: Formally titled Erosion Control Permits

Underground Utility Information

The UNCC (Utility Notification Center of Colorado) is the designated organization that manages all types of ground excavation in the State of Colorado.  The main goal of this organization is to prevent human injuries and damages to underground utilities due to digging. 811 is the new federally mandated number that you should call, if you wish to start a digging project.

The wastewater underground utility locates section of the City and County of Denver is now a Tier 1 member of UNCC 811. They are no longer receiving locate requests by voicemail or email. All locate requests are to be made by contacting UNCC 811.

Do not dig before you have utility markings