Common Stormwater Pollutants

Anything besides rainfall and snowmelt going into a stormdrain can be a pollutant. When pollutants get into stormwater, they are officially called illicit discharges.

Claude van Damp – Be Loyal to Our Soil
Prevent erosion with plants. Their roots hold soil in place. 

Doogie Doggie – Pick up Litter after Your Critter
Your dog’s doody is your duty to bag and trash – every time. Denver residents can get free pet waste bags.

Lil’ Bit Leaky – Show Your Pride, Maintain Your Ride
Don’t let vehicles drip. Fix all leaks right away. Use commercial car washes. Dispose of auto fluids safely.

Juggs O’Crud – When You’re Done, Call 3-1-1
Dispose of household chemicals following instruction on the container. Denver’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection can help. 

Muckie Duck – Be Aware of Spills that Often Kill
Don’t dump waste into storm drains. Recycle used motor oil.

Denver Daisy – Be Very Wise If You Fertilize
Use phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer. Always follow instructions. Never use more than directed. 

cartoon illustration of a paper bag of leaves and branches

Leif Grassley-Bagwell – Keep Your Greens Out of the Drains
Keep yard clippings out of the street. Blow cut grass back onto your lawn. Bag leaves and sticks for composting