Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

The purpose of the MBAC is to advise the Mayor and City Council of the City and County of Denver, and all Departments of and consultants to the City, on all matters relating to the use of bicycles as a means of transportation and recreation. MBAC reviews and make recommendations on planning, design, and development of projects prepared by developers, City Departments, and consultants affecting the use of bicycles.


2022 Schedule

  • First Thursday of the month
  • Virtual
  • 5:30–7:00 p.m.
  • Our 2022 meetings will be virtual


MBAC Chair Amy Kenreich,

Walter Scheib, Denver DOTI,

  • 25 Members
  • 3 Year Terms
  • Compensation: None
  • City Council Approval: No
  • Qualifications: None
  • Enabling Authority: None

Apply for this Committee

  • Applications accepted until December 15th.
  • Terms begin each January



First Name   Last Name  District 
James Thacker 
Tamir Goldstein
Jake Pelton 10
Loren Hansen 10
Matt  Ciarkowski 
Scott  Cutler 
Sean  Brady 3
Brian Richter 
Evan  Derby  10 
Fernando  Abbud  10 
Joseph Brady 3
Richard  Crane 10 
Amy Kenreich
Ben Schumacher 
Stan  Poladsky
Brad Revare 
Brooke Goudy
David Halterman
Doug Wooley
Jason Gardner 2
Jose Castro 9
Kent Hollier 10
Meg DesCombs 9
Melissa Colonno
Rachel Bolin 10