Mayor's Pedestrian Advisory Committee

This committee advises the Mayor and City Council of the City and County of Denver, and all Departments of and consultants to the City, on all matters relating to pedestrians.


2023 Schedule

  • Second Tuesday of the month
  • 7:30 a.m.
  • Currently held as a virtual meeting (use web link or phone number below).
    • Join Online
    • Phone Number: 1-720-388-6219
    • Code: 797592136#

All meetings are open to the public.


  • 18 Members
  • 3 Year Terms
  • Compensation: None
  • Confirmation: None

Contact: Kayla Zacharias, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure,


Mayoral Appointees and District

First Name   Last Name  District 
Nico Probst  1
Charlie Stanfield 1
Linda Rosales 2
Heidi Newhart 
Jonathan  Pira 3
Bruce  Baskette  4
Donna  Wickham  4
Andrea Andrews
Alex  Gano 5
Amanda Roberts
Quentin  Farrimond 
Mike  Heintzman  7
Shelley  McMullen  7
Brad Revare 8
Christopher  Poirier 8
Tonia Bleecher
Alma Urbano  9
Abigail Johnson  10 
Daniel Jennings 10
Pam Jiner 11
Carrie  Tremblatt At-large
Thomas Dec  At-large
Jaime Lewis At-large