About Certification


Why should my business get certified?

One or more certifications provides your business an opportunity to bid on or partner with another contractor on the city’s projects that have goals established. Your business will be listed in our online certified vendor directory, which is used when agencies or primes are seeking certified firms to engage with on a contract to meet a project goal. In addition, you will have access to business development resources, mentoring, and networking that are reserved for certified firms. In short, certification opens up opportunity for you to grow and thrive.


What is the best certification for my business?

That would depend on what type of work you are seeking to perform and which entities you wish to work with. If you are already applying for one certification and meet the requirements for others, it would be beneficial to apply for more than one at the same time. We also recommend that you ask your clients what certifications they recognize. We are glad to help you figure out which certifications make the most sense for your business.


How do I apply for a local certification?

All certifications are completed online. Start at https://denver.mwdbe.com/vendorstart.asp. If you are a first-time user, you must first create an account. 


How does DSBO communicate with me about my certification?

Most of the communications that DSBO sends out comes from our Small Business Certification and Contract Management System, so please make sure to add denver@mwdbe.com to your safe sender list.


How do I apply for a certification using minimal time?

We recommend that you review the rules and regulations under its ordinance, gather all required documentation, attend a certification informational session, and ask questions before you start the application process. You have 90 days to complete an application once it has been started, or it will be purged from our system and you will have to start over.


Is there a fee to get certified?

Yes, there is an application processing fee to get certified through the local program. It is a $200 non-refundable fee for a new certification, and a $50 non-refundable fee annually for renewal of certifications. There is no fee for the DBE Program. 


Is there a length-of-time-in-business requirement?

For the federal DBE program, you simply need to be actively in business. However, for Denver’s local certifications, your firm must have been in business for six months and had sustained business activity for six months in the Colorado marketplace.


How do I add, remove, or replace my NAICS?

If you are looking to add NAICS Codes to your certification, you can now do that through your file in the Small Business Certification and Contract Management System. 

When adding NAICS Code(s) please select the best 6-digit corresponding Index code(s) that your firm self-performs. To find those codes go to https://www.census.gov/naics.

Please make sure to have the REQUIRED documents ready to upload into the system to support your requested change.  

• A copy of the signed contract with the complete scope of work.

• A list of equipment the firm owns or leases.

• Applicable education, experience, or expertise, including professional or contractor licenses

 (e.g., master electrician license, electrical contractor license, drywall supervisor/contractor)

Please review this information about your NAICS Code and how to change it(PDF, 538KB).