About DSBO


How is DSBO authorized?

Unlike most economic development programs, DSBO is specifically defined and authorized in city ordinance. These sections of the city code are typically updated at five-year intervals, and re-authorized by Denver City Council and the Mayor.

What city ordinance authorizes DSBO to operate?

What Rules & Regulations in the D.R.M.C. apply to DSBO?

DSBO Rules & Regulations(PDF, 630KB) were updated and finalized following the 2020 ordinance reauthorization.

What is the Disparity Study?

As required by § 28-83, D.R.M.C., the DSBO conducts a disparity study approximately every five years to evaluate the utilization of minority and women-owned contractors in city procurement of construction, professional design, and goods and services. The results of the study are used to evaluate the city’s contracting practices and assess the need for, and continuation of, the DSBO Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) program. The 2018 edition is available for download in full (693 pages) and in summary (16 pages) form.


What is the Small Business Certification and Contract Management System?

This system is a proprietary, password-protected database that DSBO uses for certifying firms and managing contracts. The businesses we serve use it as well. Support and training is available. Access this system.

How do I learn about bidding opportunities on public contracts?

Information on current bidding opportunities in the City & County of Denver, as well as other public entities, is updated frequently.


Does DSBO publish regular or annual reports?

Yes. Here is the latest annual report.