Foreign Trade Zone No.123

As Grantee, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity is responsible for establishing, administering and marketing the Foreign Trade Zone programForeign Trade Zones (FTZ) are secured areas under the supervision of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that are considered outside U.S. Customs’ territory.

The FTZ program helps to level the playing field and improves U.S. competitiveness by reducing the costs of U.S. operations. It expedites and encourages international trade by providing efficient and lucrative ways to compete effectively in global markets. Activated U.S. businesses in the FTZ program can eliminate, or reduce, duties on imports. Thus, foreign and domestic merchandise may be moved into approved zones for storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacturing and processing without payment of duties, quota and other import restrictions until the decision is made to enter the goods into the U.S. market or re-export them later.

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