Community Spotlight: InQuik Bridge Systems

Group photo of the InQuik Bridge Systems team

A conversation with Logan Mullaney - President, InQuik USA

Why did you start your business?
InQuik was founded off the back of some really amazing inventions that my father Bruce and uncle Jim came up with. We discussed revolutionary bridge system with the Australian Government as we looked to offer it to help developing nations like Africa, where the Government saw a large need for the bridge system in Australia. So we took it to proof of concept and then offered it to the market, where it just took off!

Tell us about you and your team.
InQuik is predominantly a family business and we all worked together to take our father's and uncle's invention and turn it into a commercial product as well as a viable business. 

We have operations in Australia and the USA, with an amazing group of individuals changing the face of bridge construction. My brother Ben is the CEO of our Australian operations and I am the President of our American side of the business.

What are the strengths and challenges for small businesses that you see in the Denver market?
The Denver business community has been very welcoming. We have found the decision to set up our business here in Denver to be one of our best. One of the challenges has been that it is geographically not as close as we would ideally like for some of our target market on the East Coast; however the airport offers the vast majority of direct flights, which helps to manage this.

How has been your interaction with DEDO, and what would you tell other businesses about our services?
Our interactions with DEDO have been well above expectations. The support, engagement and networks that we have been offered since landing in Denver have been so important in navigating a new market and having a smooth landing.

I would strongly suggest to any businesses that are looking to set up or grow in Denver to see how DEDO may be able to help.

Anything else you would like to add?
Landing in Denver, as an Australian company, has been a great decision. The business community, AusDenver, the access to brilliant talent, Denver International Airport, along with being a wonderful place for families and endless options of outdoor activities to enjoy, are some of the reasons why I am glad to be here in Denver and Colorado!


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