Community Support Mini Grants

Program Information


Denver Economic Development’s division of Neighborhood Equity & Stabilization (NEST) offers small grants that support the meaningful and necessary work of nonprofit organizations and community groups, as well as of micro businesses in some of Denver's most vulnerable neighborhoods.

The Community Support Mini Grants program seeks to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of micro businesses, nonprofits and community groups currently active in the NEST priority neighborhoods of:

East Colfax Elyria Swansea
Globeville Montbello
Northeast Park Hill Sun Valley
Valverde Villa Park
West Colfax Westwood


Focus Areas & Eligibility

The Community Support Mini Grants program prioritizes projects and/or activities that will create a stronger and more connected neighborhood, address community needs, and/or strengthen navigation to service delivery, including direct health-related responses to COVID-19.

Bolstering Social Development
Integration and inclusion of all people in a community to engage, develop support structures to build trust, develop networks to reduce social isolation, foster a culturally rich neighborhood, and build on existing neighborhood assets. 

Supporting Resident Life
Increasing equity in opportunities for communities over multiple generations by improving access to education, health, housing, and workforce development that will foster greater economic mobility and access to wealth and income.

Increasing Group Capacity
Building a group’s capacity that enhances its service and responsiveness to its community. This could include audience, board and/or leadership development; planning activities, strategic partnerships and planning, navigation to health care, virtual education services, government services, and support in developing worker-owned cooperatives.


  • Formal or informal group(s) residing and/or doing work within the programs's priority communities
  • Organizations or groups applying outside of these neighborhoods must partner with existing groups in the community
  • Informal groups must have at least three unrelated leaders who live in the City and County of Denver and who will be responsible for this project/campaign
  • Eligible projects must take place within the program's priority neighborhoods
  • Micro businesses applying for the grant must operate within the program's priority communities and have an annual revenue of no more than $500,000


Applications are currently closed.