Hospitality Workers Relief Fund

Through the Colorado Restaurant Foundation's Angel Relief Fund, Denver is pleased to offer emergency assistance to local hospitality employees facing an unanticipated hardship due to the ongoing pandemic. Denver residents currently or previously employed in a Colorado restaurant or hotel for at least 90 days who are currently unemployed or underemployed due to COVID-19 can qualify for cash relief grants up to $500, and can qualify for grants up to $1,000 if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

To receive a grant through this fund:

  • Be a current resident of the City & County of Denver. The restaurant or hotel that you work or worked for does not need to be located in Denver.  
  • Currently employed or must have been previously employed in a restaurant or hotel for at least 90 days since January 2020, and lost or reduced such employment due to the pandemic.

These grants can be used for basic, pressing needs such as:

     Rent or mortgage payments
     Utilities (water, gas, electric, internet)
     Health care
     Child care

Apply today! | La aplicación también esta disponible en español.